Feature to Disable Vertical Tabs in Edge is Coming Soon

The new Edge is not just another “Chrome“, but Microsoft is working to bring users functions and features that Google does not finish bringing to its browser. One of the latest features that we have received in this browser has been the vertical tabs. This mode (already present in other browsers, such as Vivaldi) allows us to move the tab bar from the top to the side, making better use of the available space on panoramic screens.

The vertical tabs are very useful and practical. Not only do they allow us to take better advantage of the screen space, but also to see the full names of the tabs that we have open. However, we have been used to wearing lashes on top for many years, and changing such a widespread habit is difficult. There are many users who do not like this function, and do not want to see the button that allows to change the tab bar of place. This button can be easily hidden from the Options> Appearance section , but what about windows that already have vertical tabs?

Disable Vertical Tabs in Edge is Coming Soon

New button allows to deactivate the vertical tabs of all the windows

Users who have updated the browser to the latest version within the Canary branch (remember, the most advanced) will be able to find a new button in the configuration menu called ” Disable vertical tabs in all browser windows “. This button allows you to reposition the tabs in the vertical part in all browser windows. We can find it by writing in the address bar “edge: // settings / appearance”, in the section ” Customize the toolbar “.

Desactivar pestañas verticales Edge todas ventanas

Clicking on the “Deactivate” button will automatically move the tab bar of all browser windows to the top. We will continue to have the button that allows us to deactivate the change of tabs. But, now yes, if we deactivate it, we will remove this button from the tab bar and we will have the vertical tabs deactivated in all browser windows.

Other Edge News

This change in the vertical tabs of the browser is not the only thing that we are going to find related to the tabs. Microsoft is still looking for a way to improve all the features to be able to stand out from Chrome and try to steal as many users as possible.

Recently, Microsoft’s browser received a new feature called ” Web Capture “. This tool, which we can launch with the right button or with the keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + S, allows us to take a screenshot of a specific part of a website, or of the entire page, without the need to use extensions. In addition, it also has a function called ” Intelligent copying ” that will allow us to copy the content that we select from a web separately so that, when pasting it, we can choose if we want to paste photos or only text.

The latest Canary version of the browser now unites the “Smart Copy” function within the “Web Capture” panel. Thus, if we press the keyboard shortcut mentioned above we can see the three options on the panel, and choose the one we want.

Copiado Inteligente Captura Web Edge

If we only want to use the copy, we can launch it without having to go through “Web Capture” using the keyboard shortcut Control + Shift + X.