Exciting Times Ahead for Windows: Introducing Copilot AI

Microsoft‘s Windows operating system is on the brink of some intriguing developments, and at the forefront of this wave of innovation is the highly anticipated Copilot AI.

The tech giant is hard at work enhancing Windows 11, focusing on delivering gradual updates that will introduce captivating features to users. Currently, one highlight worth mentioning is Microsoft’s impending launch of Windows Copilot, set to roll out as part of the cumulative update scheduled for October 2023. This update applies to Windows 11 version 22H2.

copilot windows

In fact, this long-awaited feature has already been incorporated into the update for Insider users, which debuted in September. However, it’s essential to note that Copilot is not yet accessible in all regions, although this limitation is expected to be addressed shortly. For those unaware, Copilot is an AI-based feature seamlessly integrated into the Windows operating system by Microsoft itself.

Copilot harnesses the capabilities of Bing Chat, combining them with specific Windows control options. Users will have the convenience of performing tasks like enabling dark mode or capturing screenshots with ease. To engage with this feature, one simply needs to click on the icon located in the system taskbar, adjacent to the search box in this section. Alternatively, it can be activated using the Win + C key combination.

Ad-Free Copilot: A Solution

Upon activation, the AI interface appears as a discrete sidebar on the desktop, allowing users to keep it accessible while working with other applications or engaging in gaming activities. However, it’s worth mentioning that Microsoft has introduced an element that not everyone might welcome.

Specifically, some users have reported encountering advertisements while interacting with Copilot. Despite its primary focus on AI-driven functionality, this section has started displaying third-party ads in response to specific queries. Understandably, this may be perceived as an inconvenience by some.

copilot advertising

It’s important to note that not all interactions with Windows Copilot will feature ads. However, a substantial percentage of queries might lead to third-party ad suggestions. This marks a departure from other sections within Windows that display ads, such as the Start Menu, Help, or the Settings application. In those areas, advertisements primarily revolve around Microsoft’s own products and services, whereas Copilot showcases third-party recommendations.

The sole recourse to rid yourself of these ads is somewhat drastic, as you would have to disable Windows Copilot entirely. Ultimately, your decision hinges on how bothersome you find the third-party ads that accompany interactions with the AI.