Emergency or accident: These apps help you with first aid

We do not need to know about medicine to face our day to day but there are always a series of techniques or practices that it is advisable to know if we are in a dangerous situation or we see that someone is. In other words, it is convenient to have some basic notions of first aid to live more calmly in case we find ourselves facing a problem at home or outside it. And, luckily, there are many apps that allow us to learn them easily and effortlessly.

Emergency or accident: These apps help you with first aid

Learning first aid has always been a task that many are unaware of because it involves taking specialized courses , for example. But thanks to mobile applications we can watch videos or tutorials that allow us to learn the most basic techniques in case we encounter any problem and this is more common during vacation and summer times: slips, drowning in the pool, etc. Although it is not the most appropriate or comparable to specialized courses, they can be an option in an emergency and know how we should act.

First Aid – Offline

This application works without the Internet, so we can consult it at any time if we have a problem or an accident and it helps us know what to do in the event of a medical emergency . The application has images and tutorials on what to do in each of the cases…

In the content we find what to do in case of bites, fainting, heat stroke, burns, suffocation, poisoning, sprains or fractures… But it also has a glossary or first aid kit section to know what to use in each of the cases or how we must do CPR correctly.

Primeros auxilios

Easy First Aid Lite

This application allows us to access very intuitive and graphic manuals on what to do in all cases. Although it is the Lite version, we can have a complete or improved version for 1.75 euros that gives us access to more cases and allows us to unlock all the content to always know how to act.

Through graphics and videos we can see step by step what to do. It has information on choking, Heimlich maneuver, pulmonary resuscitation, burns, wounds and bleeding, contusions, nosebleeds, poisoning…

Primeros auxilios

IFRC First Aid

IFRC or International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent is one of the best-known humanitarian organizations in the world and also has its own official application in different languages. A free application that allows us to choose our country or language to access all the information that you must take into account when handling emergencies, but also gives us access to numbers to call in case of a problem that requires attention.

There are quizzes and simple step-by-step instructions with videos or animations to learn first aid very easily. There are also safety tips to keep in mind in all kinds of conditions or if an earthquake, hurricane, tornado occurs… In addition, the content is preloaded so we can watch it even if we don’t have coverage or Internet access at that time.

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