Sådan bruger du Google One til at overvåge det mørke web og beskytte dine data

Accounting for users’ data protection, Google One has adapted its services and continuously scans the dark web regardless of the chosen subscription plan. This service notifies users when their private information is found on the dark web, which is very helpful in increasing the security of users. That is how you can ensure your data security utilizing Google One.


Why to Monitor the Dark Web?

Since it permits you to measure if your data is available in the black markets or not, it aids in monitoring the Dark web. This proactive measure can protect your mail, on-line accounts and even against identity theft and fraud, giving loan applications.

How to monitor the dark web with google one

To monitor your data on the dark web using Google One, it is relatively easy and can be done either on the app or Google One page. Follow these steps to get started:Follow these steps to get started:

Google One is available for download from the Google Play Opbevar og Apple App Store and launching the Application will display the interface as shown below;

Download: Before proceeding, it’s important to see that you have the Google One app downloaded in your mobile device. In that case, Google One can also be accessed through the website part of it.

Open the App or Website: In order to use the functions of these services, enter your Google credentials.

To get to Dark Web Report follow the paths:

Scroll Down: So after entering the application or the website, scroll down the page to locate the ‘Dark Web Report’ link.

Start overvågning

Click to Start: Reference can be made to Try now written in large characters on the gray background or the Start monitoring button.

Choose Data to Monitor: Choose those fields which you want to be updated by Google, for instance, your mail, name, phone number as well as passwords.

Kør analyse

Initiate Scan: Proceed to the button labeled as “Run analysis” to start the search of your data on the dark web.

Gennemgå resultater

Check Results: An overall report on the amount of compromised data, the period it was identified and location will be displayed.

Modtag meddelelser

Stay Alerted: This is a useful option that would alert you whenever your data is published on the dark web if you make a subscription.

Perks of going with Google One subscription

Comprehensive Monitoring: In addition to e-mail the tool allows you to track several categories of personal information.

Real-Time Alerts: Real time alerts when your data is at risk.

Yderligere Sikkerhed Features: Google One also provides VPN, improved storage and much more.

Indeed, although it is not a necessity to have a Google One subscription, the app is more enjoyable and useful when commanding the service with full access.

Still, for free, Google One enables users to see whether their Google account email is featured on the dark web and offers tips on protection. Although, with the subscription you get a much more detailed and long-standing supervising service which makes it worth to invest in to gain better security.


Google One’s service of monitoring the dark web is undoubtedly very useful to safeguard your personal details. It can be helpful whether you use online services occasionally or depend on them as you can avoid critical problems knowing your data’s security status. Sign up with Google One to get the most out of the detailed checking and extra benefits for only €1. 99 per month.