How to Check if the Mobile is Compatible with Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has been present in the market for many years, it is nothing new of course, but it is true that despite all this type it is still not a majority functionality. That is why you may not be sure if your mobile is compatible with charging. Something that you can check below with a simple test on your mobile.

Check if the Mobile is Compatible with Wireless Charging

Although externally it can be ruled out since a mobile has wireless charging, since normally these phones have glass covered backs, it is best to do the following process.

Find out if wireless charging is possible

As we say, if we already know that our mobile does not have a glass back, the most normal thing is that it does not have wireless charging, but to clear up doubts, the best thing you can do is check it with a simple app. There is one in the Play Store called Wireless Charge Tester that has been developed precisely for that, and that has a very simple operation. Because for this we only have to install and run it to know instantly if it is compatible or not. Once we run it, just press the ” Check wireless charging ” button.

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We will instantly see the result of checking the availability of this technology. In case of having it, we will see the message ” The mobile can support Wireless Charging “, otherwise, that does not support it, we will see ” The mobile can´t support Wireless Charging “. We will also see additional information about the phone, to verify that all its hardware has been correctly detected. Therefore in just a few seconds you will have the answer to your question.

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Another alternative that you can install is ” Wireless Charging Checker “, an app that has the same purpose of telling us if the phone is compatible with this type of wireless charging. The operation is quite similar once we have installed it. In this case, you just have to click on the ” Check ” button once we start the app. Then we will see the two possible outcomes. In red if there is no compatibility, and in green if it is available on the phone. A fast charge that is certainly not the most common despite the years that have already passed.

Hence, many users sometimes doubt whether it is possible to use a charger of this type. Currently there are several manufacturers working on really fast wireless charging speeds, in fact Xiaomi already has prepared a charge of this type of 80W and OPPO another of 65W . So this type of load will no longer be synonymous with slow loading.