Browsers for iPhone as an Alternative to Safari

Safari Alternative iPhone

Safari is undoubtedly the browser that is most used in the Apple ecosystem as is obvious, but this does not mean that there are no alternatives. There are many browsers that can be found in the App Store with very diverse functions that guarantee privacy as well as performance in its use. In this article we show you the best alternatives to Safari on iPhone.

Alternatives to Safari on iPhone

Google Chrome

Navegadores alternativa Google Chrome

One of the most famous alternatives to Safari in the App Store is undoubtedly Google Chrome. It allows you to synchronize passwords as well as bookmarks on any device as this data is linked to your Google account. It is true that this browser has been under the scrutiny of data leaks but it offers good loading speed and performance on mobile devices.


Firefox iOS

Independent browser developed by Mozilla and that is very focused on safeguarding the privacy of its users. It includes the necessary tools to avoid being tracked while browsing through any web page. As in most browsers you can use extensions as well as bookmarks that are synchronized on all computers through the Firefox account.


Esge Chromium

The heir to Microsoft’s much-hated Explorer browser, but now based on Chromium. With an extremely simple design, it allows you to make the most optimal navigation possible as well as having bookmarks that can be synchronized at all times with the browser version available on Windows and also on macOS.


Opera Touch

With a brilliant design, Opera tries to become the best alternative to Safari by natively integrating dark mode with the operating system. With a simple movement of your finger you can access the different bookmarks that you have configured without having to leave the page you are on to do the crawl.



If privacy is vital for you on a day-to-day basis, this is the browser that you must have installed on your iPhone. It includes different ad anti-tracking technologies and a system that forces websites to use fully secure encryption to prevent data leakage to third parties. In addition, all hidden trackers that are detected in the connection will be blocked unless you have explicitly authorized them.



With this browser you can forget about the invasive advertising that is on many pages by integrating AdBlock. Obviously, we recommend activating it when it poses a problem to prevent content creators from being left without their deserved monetization. In addition, Brave offers quite fast navigation with a simplified design that offers a more than outstanding fluidity to become an alternative to Safari.



This browser is undoubtedly known by most users as it is used by many to enter the Dark Web. This is because it guarantees the privacy of the connection at all times by using the most secure encryption protocols. At all times you can browse anonymously through different web pages without anyone knowing of your presence as the real IP is not shown at any time. It also integrates with VPNs so you can simulate a connection to a different country from your current location.


Aloha Browser

With Aloha Browser you will have access to fast, free browsing with functions that allow you to have maximum privacy and security. It integrates a clean and intuitive interface as well as a totally free unlimited VPN so that you can view any type of web page with total freedom wherever you are. From the same browser you can view videos in augmented reality as long as you have the necessary hardware, which is usually quite cheap, to be able to use this function.


Ecosia iOS

Can you imagine planting a tree simply with your iPhone when you are browsing? This is what you get by using Ecosia as your default browser. After all, the operation is very similar to that of Chrome when sharing technologies with the difference that the more you use the browser, the more you will collaborate in planting trees.

Developer: Ecosia