Best device to turn my TV into a smart TV?

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Smart televisions are made possible by purchasing a device we can connect to our television so that we can access various functions.

In this guide, you’ll discover how to turn your TV into a smart one without spending a lot of money. Despite the fact that Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and Spotify can be used directly on a television with no WiFi connection, there are a variety of alternatives to complement your regular television.

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  • The device is very portable:It works with any television that has an HDMI port so you can take it wherever you are.
  • Entertainment of the highest quality: Streamline your TV experience with the best possible video, image, and audio quality.
  • Protection against surveillance:It is impossible to be watched without being concerned with your privacy. Smart TVs are usually associated with security concerns.

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Our next step is to review the best alternatives:

Using Chromecast

It is definitely worth your money to use Chromecast. The Google Home is easy to set up in Google Home (Apple or Android) and connect to a WiFi network if you connect it to the TV through an HDMI cable.

Additionally, Chromecast can be connected to a hard drive or NAS. Google Cast is the technology behind Chromecast. With iOS version 4.2 or higher, this app will run smoothly on all Android devices. Furthermore, Chrome supported Apple devices will also support it.

Stick FireTV from Amazon

Amazon Fire TV Stick competes directly with Chromecast for value for money and, like Chromecast, offers a great value for money.

There are also 4K versions of this product. Streaming platforms, including most major streaming platforms, as well as the web browser, are available on Fire TV Stick.

Television Box / Mini PC

It is the TV Box that is among the most popular smart TV converters. An HDMI-connected Android box allows access to an enormous amount of additional content over a television that integrates Android and is connected through an Android app. Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, games, applications, and many more can be accessed by downloading the applications from the Play store.

A majority of TV boxes are also equipped with the Kodi application, which converts them into Media Centers. Additionally, several foreign and Spanish television channels can also be accessed thanks to some plugins.

Apple TV

There is an alternative way to turn a normal television into a smart TV; Apple TV offers similar features. This is a particularly good option if you have a Mac or iPhone (you can stream content directly to Apple TV from these devices) and any other device with AirPlay2 technology.

There are a variety of streaming apps available on Apple TV, including Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube. Those who have an active Apple TV subscription can also watch this content.

Amazon Fire Stick + Roku

In order to turn TV into Smart TV, some choose to use the Roku Streaming Stick +. It looks and operates like a USB stick, and it is very compact. Connecting to the TV is done via the HDMI port, as with most devices of this type.

In addition to its pleasant user experience, Roku Streaming Stick + allows rapid and seamless navigation between different contents. This device also has a remote control with buttons that provide direct access to Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify. In addition to an application, it also has a remote control.

In addition to providing full HD images, it also offers access to a wide range of local and international channels. Unfortunately, you must use a VPN while in Spain to view these channels.