AVG Antivirus Review: Security Software to Protect Your PC from Malware

In the day to day with the computer , we currently use all kinds of personal data, and increasingly sensitive. Hence precisely the importance of taking certain measures to protect all this. One of the most common is the installation of some security software that prevents and protects us against attacks, such as AVG Antivirus.

First of all we can say that in the current market we find a good number of solutions related to security in our equipment, as is the case. We have both free and paid antivirus at our disposal, in addition to the proposal that Windows 10 itself with Windows Defender already presents to us. With everything and with it, there are many users who prefer to use third-party solutions with more experience in the sector.

AVG Antivirus

This is precisely the case that we are going to talk about in these lines, AVG Antivirus . Actually, it is security software that has been with us for a good number of years. It also has a free version focused on end users in order to protect our equipment, system, and the data stored on it.

Antivirus installation and operating

As we mentioned, we have at our disposal a completely free version of this security solution. Therefore, at first we only have to download and install it on the Windows PC. It is also worth noting that it puts in our hands a simple user interface so that we can use the program even if we are not experts in the field.

Interfaz inicial AVG

Once AVG Antivirus has been installed, the software proposes us from the outset to carry out an initial analysis of the system looking for malicious codes . This is something that we can take advantage of and that will be very helpful to us on certain occasions. For example, if we had detected previous security problems.

In this way and as soon as the antivirus is started up for the first time, it automatically locates the malware found on the PC. As it is easy to imagine, in the event that it detects malicious codes, we can also easily eliminate them.

An interface that facilitates its use and configuration

One of the key elements in the program we are talking about, lies in the user interface it proposes. From here is where we will have the opportunity to control and customize the software as such. Well, the first one refers to the computer protection system that the antivirus implements, so we only have to click on Computer.

Real-time protection

This will give us a new window in which we find two selectors that we can activate or turn off. Actually these refer to the real-time protection system that AVG Antivirus presents to us. It is worth mentioning that the protection method that we discussed is always working. Therefore, in addition to protecting ourselves in two ways that we will explain, it also consumes PC resources. That is why its activation, or not, will depend on the needs of each one

Opcion equipo AVG

To say that, as we have mentioned, in this section we find two selectors that refer to real-time protection. The first of them will be in charge of analyzing each and every one of the files that we add or open on the PC. For its part, the second way of working refers to protection against the use of suspicious applications . This will notify us if they connect to unwanted websites, send data, or perform unreliable activities on their own.

Safe browsing and email protection

If we return to the main interface, we see that we also have an option that will protect us when moving around the Internet . As with the previous case, when clicking on the Web and email, we find two other selectors that we can activate, or not.

Proteccion web AVG

Actually what we are going to find here are two active protection shields by default. The first of them will protect us when browsing the web, while the second focuses on suspicious content that we receive via email. As before, these security systems consume certain resources of the PC , since they work in the background.

Other additional functions to protect the PC

As we have previously told you, there is a free version of AVG antivirus, and a paid suite. Well, to say that the other three security functions in addition to the basic ones, we find them exclusively in the paid version. These specifically protect us against hacker attacks, protect the privacy of the computer’s webcam , as well as a method to use secure payments on the Internet.

Of course, despite all that this security proposal offers us, to say that in addition to the aforementioned Windows Defender, we have at hand many other alternatives in the form of antivirus for Windows .

Versions and how to download AVG security solution

Well, if we do not have the need to use the additional functions that we have mentioned above, the firm offers us AVG Antivirus Free. It is worth mentioning that this is protection software that you will have the opportunity to download from the official AVG website .

Precios AVG

On the other hand, if what we need is to use the full and paid version of the program, we tend to opt for downloading AVG Internet Security . We got this version from that same URL, with the difference that we will have to pay $ 89.99. Of course, we will have the additional and more advanced options that we already mentioned earlier.