Android 12: What Features Do iPhone Users Envy?

A little over a month ago, the first beta of Android 12 came to light, although it was only for a handful of compatible mobiles, provoking all kinds of opinions. Even many regular iPhone users have been able to verify that Google’s operating system has functions that they would like to have on their iOS devices.

What they are and why is it that, after talking with users of one platform and another, we find out in these lines.

Double tap to turn off the screen

There are fewer and fewer mobiles that have physical buttons, so the only way to interact with the device will be the screen. One of the first to remove its mythical button to turn on the screen was Apple on its charismatic iPhone since, now, to turn on the screen you only need to tap the screen.

android 12

A very useful and comfortable utility for every user in order to know if we have received a notification or simply to check the time. The main problem comes from accidentally touching the screen. Surely it has happened to more than one iPhone lover. The point is that there is no solution … But on Android yes.

In Android 12 you can turn the screen on or off with just two taps . It can always be the case of accidentally activating the screen, although it is more than obvious that it will be much more complicated compared to the simple touch of the iPhone.

Android 12 and its great notification management

Although over time it has been seen more clearly as one of the strengths of Android compared to its biggest competitor, iOS, it is the way in which notifications can be managed. With the release of Android 12 , we can see how this inequality will be even greater.

gestión de notificaciones android 12

iOS has been dragging a certain sloppiness in the way notifications can be viewed, since it is a mess with very little logic. On the other hand, an Android user when he checks his mobile will see how his notifications are divided into cards, one for each app. And it is very difficult to understand how Apple has not wanted or could not improve the way in which iOS groups notifications.

The overwhelming difference in file management

We have already talked about the great distance that separates iOS from Android in terms of managing the notifications we receive. Now, we will tell you how Google’s operating system is the best option if you want to manage files.

Android has always allowed its users to manage the files stored on their devices without any problem, in a comfortable and almost intuitive way for everyone. For its part, the iOS “Files” app is quite recent and leaves much to be desired.

This is because this app is far from equaling Android since the philosophy that Apple has always carried is very clear on that, “restrict file management so that people who do not know about technology do not fill their devices with files garbage”. Although for many it is a great disadvantage, since they love to store and manage all kinds of files.