All Amazon’s Own Private Labels: Fashion, Food and More

Beyond seeing products marked as Amazon Basics in the online store, there are others that are “created” by the sales giant, although with brand names that do not make it so clear at first glance. White Amazon brands where you will find coffee capsules, proteins for athletes, furniture, cleaning products and drugstore or even diapers and baby wipes.

In most cases, Amazon brands are indicated in the online store itself. You will see the brand or name itself and then, in the description or in the title itself, a label that says “by Amazon” or “Amazon Brand”. There are more than 100 brands in total on Amazon internationally and some have surely seen or even bought them at some time. Some have their own “shop” within Amazon from where you can see all the products and others we must find them using the search engine. But it is convenient to know that they are “yours” when placing an order, you may be happy to know it or that you prefer to look for an alternative.

All Amazon's Own Private Labels

Amazon Collection

Amazon Collection leaves no doubt: it is its own brand. Specifically, focused on jewelry. Gold rings, pendants, chokers …


Amazon Basic Care

In this case, we will not find any doubts that it is our own brand. Specifically, it has parapharmacy products. For example, plasters, insoles, eucalyptus patches, compresses, a medicine cabinet, soothing patches, or a digital thermometer.

Basic Care

Solimo, coffee and basic products

Solimo started out as a coffee brand but has all kinds of “basic” products. It does not have a specific category such as a coffee brand or clothing brand, like others on this list, but we can find a little “of everything”. But generally they are basic products that we will need on a day-to-day basis. The best known is the Solimo coffee from Amazon, in capsules compatible with different brands of coffee makers (and at a very low price compared to other brands) or in ground or bean coffee format. But Solimo also has blades and razors. Refills of the same or moisturizers for men in addition to sun creams


Presto !, cleaning and drugstore

Presto! It is another of the most common brands on Amazon and that you will find whenever you go to buy drugstore and cleaning products . For example, if you are going to buy toilet paper or if you are going to buy fabric softener or detergent for the dishwasher. All products are marked as “Amazon Brand – Presto!” and we find from packages of 52 kitchen rolls at 0.02 unit to toilet paper in large packages. Also concentrated fabric softener, detergent in capsules, liquid detergent, tissues, wet toilet paper, air fresheners …


Mama Bear , baby products

Parents will have seen Mama Bear among Amazon’s diaper brands. It is the own brand for baby products and has its own store where you can see everything that is available. The most abundant are baby wipes in large packages or diapers of all sizes, but we also find teethers and pacifiers or creams of all kinds … Gel, shampoo, diaper change cream, baby sunscreen and many other products basics related to the day-to-day of the little ones.


Happy Belly, feeding

Happy Belly is one of Amazon’s brands dedicated to food . It usually appears when searching for “coffee” in the online store but it also has drinks and other types of snacks. Especially nuts. It has its own store where we see the different categories: coffee, nuts and seeds, pastry products, chocolates and cookies … It has bags of 500 grams of nuts, cashews, almonds, mixtures or dehydrated fruits.


Amfit, nutrition and sports products

Athletes and lovers of training supplements also have one of Amazon’s brands specialized in this: Amfit . Amfit has its own store and the categories make it quite clear to us what there is: workout supplements , whey protein powder, vitamins, protein bars. Packages of low sugar protein bars in frande packages (boxes of about twelve bars for about 18.80 euros) of different flavors. In addition to other products such as flavored protein powder (biscuit, chocolate and mint, banana, coconut …)


NuPro, technology accessories

NUPro does not indicate in the name of its products that it is an Amazon brand. But it is. Yes, we will see, in some of them, a pretitle that reads “highlights of our brands.” What NuPro offers are technology accessories. For example, screen protectors for the Kindle or covers for the Amazon eReader as well as supports for the different tablets that the store has for sale or covers for all its own products such as the Kindle or the Fire in all its different models.


Lifelong, pet food

If you don’t have babies but you do have pets, another of Amazon’s brands with its own store is Lifelong. Lifelong is specialized in pet food. Specifically, we find food for cats and dogs. There are several categories such as “grain free” or “dog treats”. You can choose between dry food and wet food and within the different sections we will see the division by small breeds, medium breeds, large …


Movian, basic furniture

Movian is a furniture brand that you will find on Amazon. Basic furniture at a good price such as shoe racks, shelves, chairs, bedside tables or shoe cabinets. It does not have its own “store” within the site, but rather shares it with other Amazon’s own furniture brands.


Alkove, high-end furniture

Alkove is the Amazon brand of furniture that can fit in a higher range and less affordable than the previous ones . It is described as “a carefully selected collection of exclusive designer furniture that will elevate your home and your lifestyle.” For example, a couple of dining chairs for about 315 euros or a coffee table with wheels for about 300 euros but also prices that reach up to 900 euros for a display case, among other furniture that seeks to get away from the classic cheap and basic range. .



Rivet is the third of the furniture brands available on Amazon and is described as “furniture where old and new merge.” Sofas, chairs, armchairs, coffee tables or designer flower pots. We do not find as many “furniture” in use as in Alkove or Movian, but rather it focuses on decoration or home accessories such as stools, pouf, side tables. Although also designer sofas, chairs and armchairs.



Pinzon is part of Amazon Basics today but we still find products that indicate “Brand Amazon – Pinzon” or ” Pinzon by Amazon “. It is one of the brands in which we find cotton towels and household linen: duvet covers, duvets, towels, bedding sets.



Eono is a brand that you will see identified as “By Amazon” although it is not very clear what its category is. Because at Eono we find cases with makeup brushes but also belts for men, travel organizers, reusable shopping bags or diaries or toiletry bags. You can take it into account, for example, when looking for makeup brushes and brushes.


Amazon clothing brands


Hikaro is a fashion brand on Amazon for men and women where style or elegance is not the most essential, but it has garments designed to be comfortable. Jackets with zippers, basic sweatshirts and t-shirts for men and women in any color, sweatpants, underpants … They do not have elaborate designs and are usually garments with a solid color . It does not have its own store on Amazon but we can find some of its products by searching for it.


Aurique, sportswear

Hikaro is designed for comfortable, basic clothing, sweatshirts and t-shirts to be around the house. But Aurique is the Amazon brand designed to do sports with women’s clothing. It stands out for a wide collection of sports leggings but also sports bras (low, medium or high impact) or basic sports tops and t-shirts from around 11 euros. In your Amazon store we find these categories: tops and t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets, sports bras, pants or “seamless”.



Find. It is the great fashion brand on Amazon and the one with probably the most products in this category. For men and women. Clothing, footwear or accessories divided into women’s and men’s categories. Within them, subcategories such as denim, raincoats, ankle boots, blouses, coats, jeans, t-shirts … Find is the closest thing to an independent fashion store within Amazon because you can browse through the different categories to see all kinds of garments.

Find by Amazon

In another totally different “store” but also under the Find brand we find its beauty and skin care section. Accessories, makeup, cleansing rituals… You can find lipsticks, lipsticks, brushes or face masks.


Truth & Fable

Truth & Fable is another of Amazon’s fashion brands but designed for “elegant garments” . For special occasion dresses. So much so that in its own store within ecommerce we find the possibility of choosing the category according to the occasion we have: bridesmaid, wedding guest, work or night. The average of these elegant dresses is about 50 euros.


Iris & Lilly

For lingerie and pajamas, Amazon has the Iris & Lilly brand with all kinds of collections and for all tastes. From comfortable and basic cotton pajamas for women to satin collections. In the catalog you will find all kinds of products and underwear for women in all its modalities: with rings or without rings, with straps or strapless, with padding or without padding … There are also swimwear, seamless clothing or shapewear within the Iris & Lilly range in the online store.



Meraki is an Amazon fashion firm designed for “timeless clothing” and focused on “quality”, as it was presented in 2018. It has garments for men and women and we find pants and jeans, t-shirts, basics or knitwear like sweaters and cardigans. It is mostly basic clothing, clothing that does not go out of style and generally plain, without prints but available up to size 48 for women and up to size 4XL for men.


28 Palms

If you are looking for something much more daring than Meraki, 28 Palms is Amazon’s brand with swimsuits, Hawaiian shirts and flowery dresses. Designed for summer, we find a large collection of short-sleeved garments or shorts for the hottest times of the year . It does not have its own store but we can find pants and shorts for men, shirts, t-shirts, long and short dresses …


Buttoned down

Buttoned Down is a fashion brand exclusively for men that boasts 100% cotton clothing. Its great difference with other brands is that you can not only choose the size of the shirt itself, but you can choose the size of the shirt but also choose between several neck and sleeve options for a correct fit. If some “parts” of the garments tend to be too large, this brand is just looking to find “a custom fit”.


Moon and back

If adults have their own fashion Amazon brands, so do babies. Moon and back is a store where you can see cotton garments for young children and newborns. 100% organic cotton clothing among which we find tights, t-shirts, bibs, pajamas …