AirPods competition grows big and very well

AirPods competition grows big and very well

The Japanese company Sony has presented its new headphones for this 2023, certifying its upline in recent years, and becoming one of Apple‘s great alternatives. In this post, we are going to see the main alternatives to AirPods and their main features.

Three new mid-range and high-end headphones have been presented by Sony in recent days, three very interesting devices for those users who do not want to spend the price of Apple’s AirPods Max.

Sony WH1000XM5 + iPhone 13 Pro Max

Sony WH-1000XM5, the alternative to AirPods Max

The company’s flagship maintains the same line of continuity as the WH-1000XM4 of the previous generation, providing users with incredible features, on a par with Apple’s AirPods Max and at a much more moderate price. There are several advantages that Sony headphones have, although one of the best and one that most rivals the AirPods Max is the audio output, not only with respect to the bluetooth connection, but they also include a 3.5 mm connector so that You can connect your devices to your work table and have a higher quality and audio fidelity.


The weight is another point to take into account, since the difference of more than 100 grams less means great comfort when working with them for several hours. In addition, a 30h battery life, superior to the 20h autonomy offered by AirPods Max. Finally, the travel case, since both have a travel case, but the protection and security provided by the Sony case is far superior to AirPods Max.


WH-CH720N, WH‑CH520 and how to conquer the mid-range

In addition to the alternative to Apple’s AirPods Max, it has launched two new headband headphones to become the dominator of the mid-range and high-end. To do this, it has followed the same Apple strategy , that is, the new Sony WH-CH720N headphones have the VI chip , the same chip as the 1000X series, a true top of the sector and which is inheriting its mid-range equipment, to thus providing premium features to all your market segments.

Along with this, it has launched WH‑CH520 , mid-range headphones designed for all users who want good sound, good design, noise cancellation and very comfortable to listen to music for hours. Best of all, is its price, ultracompetitive.

Cascos Sony WH1000XM5

By way of conclusion, Apple has a double problem, releasing a device like the AirPods Max, at such a high price and without being clearly superior to the competition , means that other brands can compete for features and prices against them. In addition, Apple does not have **mid-range** headphones as it has with AirPods, leaving a segment where Sony can take away many users, since Sony, like Apple, is synonymous with quality.

Apple’s problem is not Sony, but the Japanese brand is establishing itself in a sector that Apple is not yet and who knows, if it will ever come.