5 cases in which you are not interested in subscribing Amazon Prime

Amazon stands out for being one of the first options that users choose to make their purchases online. Some of the main reasons are due to its extensive product catalog and the speed of its shipments, especially when the products are sent and managed directly by Amazon. Surely on more than one occasion you have heard about Amazon Prime and some of its advantages, but not in all cases you may be interested in hiring this service from Amazon.

subscribing Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a subscription program that offers fast and free shipping options on a large number of products on the platform, access to Prime Video, Amazon Music Prime, Prime Reading, Prime Student, Prime Gaming, Prime try first, pay then and Amazon Family for 36 euros per year or 3.99 euros per month. Despite having different advantages or services, in some cases you may not be interested in hiring this subscription program if you are not going to take advantage of everything it includes.

Order quantity

If we do not place many orders throughout the year, we may not be interested in hiring Amazon Prime. The amount of the products that we usually buy on Amazon also influences here since, if the amount is greater than 30 euros, shipping is also free. Therefore, if we are used to buying products that exceed 30 euros in Amazon, having contracted Amazon Prime will not give us any advantage compared to sending free products. In addition, if you do not order a large volume of packages throughout the year for an amount less than 30 euros, it will not give us any advantage to pay the subscription.

Paquetes de Amazon

Reception time

Being a subscriber to Amazon Prime can be beneficial for people who need their orders to reach their destination as soon as possible. If you are not in a hurry for your orders to arrive home, you may prefer to save the 3.99 euros per month that the subscription is worth. In addition, if you do not live in Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, Malaga, Barcelona and surroundings, you will not be able to access the Amazon Fresh service for free delivery in 2 hours.

Prime Video

Watching movies at home without ads is the order of the day and Prime Video offers a large number of original movies that you can only watch on the Amazon service. In addition, in Prime Video you can also find mythical Spanish series such as “El tiempo entre costuras”, “El Internado” or “La Embajada” and also series such as “Prision Break” or “Grey’s Anatomy”. Nowadays there are many streaming platforms, both paid and free, if you are already subscribed on other platforms and you are not interested in the exclusive contents of Amazon Prime Video, you can also do without subscribing to the service.

Prime Video

If you are not a game lover

Through Prime Gaming every month you can get free games, plus a free subscription to Twitch.tv. With Prime Gaming we can also access exclusive emoticons or emblems of the Prime chat for members only among other advantages. If the world of gaming is not your thing and it does not attract your attention at all, this service included in the Amazon Prime subscription will not be of great use to you either.

Prime Reading and Music Prime

If you don’t have a Kindle and prefer to read books on paper, you may not be getting enough use out of the Prime Reading catalog that gives access to hundreds of eBooks. On the other hand, if you are used to accessing your favorite music through Spotify or other applications, you may not get enough of Amazon Music Prime either.

As you may have seen, depending on our interests, it is possible that not in all cases it is convenient for us to contract Amazon Prime and if we have doubts about whether we will amortize the services offered by the subscription, we can always choose to subscribe to the free trial period of 30 days of Amazon Prime.