Will we see a Huawei mobile with 5G again?

With the arrival on the market of the latest flagship mobile of the Chinese brand, the P50, all users were surprised to see the lack of 5G connectivity of this new series of the firm. And it is that, at the time it surprised many, since it is rare to see a terminal with these characteristics and price that is not compatible with this network technology.

Additionally, the makers of the new chips from Qualcomm and MediaTek are continually working to offer this kind of support to their processors. However, another aspect that collides with the non-arrival of a new Huawei smartphone without 5G , is that the manufacturer continues to bet on different investments in this same network technology. Therefore, for many it has been difficult to understand this decision.

Huawei’s fight against the US

Although, the reality is that there is a key factor behind that has caused that we can not see a mobile of the firm again with this type of connectivity. But what is the problem?

Will we see a Huawei mobile with 5G again

From the brand they have wanted to make it clear that, despite having the new Snapdragon 888 as a processor in the Huawei P50, the truth is that they cannot use this type of connectivity. And there is a compelling reason that forces them to have to “coat” this technology, the US sanctions , against which they have been fighting since its imposition, and the shortage of these components. From what the result is clear, they have been forced to only be able to use 4G.

However, with the passing of recent events, especially the arrival of a new President of the United States to power, everything could indicate that we will be able to see a new Huawei mobile phone with 5G . So when would it hit the market? According to different sources, the Chinese smartphone brand still does not lose hope and they believe that this problem could be solved by next year, that is, by 2022.

However, it is not very clear how this technology will reach the latest company phones that will be released. So it remains to be seen if they will add it via a software update.

Despite this, other latest sources specify even more on the exact date, pointing out that it will be for the second quarter of next year when we will see a Huawei smartphone again, returning even for the premiere of the Mate 50, as other information points out.