Why some pages you can not open it depending on where you are

Surely you have heard of geo-blocking when browsing the Internet. You may even have tried to access a page or watch a series on Netflix or any other platform, and a message has popped up saying that it is not available for your geographical region. We will talk about it in this article. We are going to explain why some pages are geo-blocked .

Reasons to geo-block a website

Why some pages you can not open it

You may be wondering what reasons there are for a web page or any online service to be blocked depending on where we are. And there are several causes, as we shall see. However, the truth is that we have some options to bypass this blockage and be able to navigate normally.

The first reason is for legal and licensing issues . Let’s think, for example, of a television channel in Italy that broadcasts matches of the Spanish soccer league. They have paid for their license and can legally play those games in their country. That channel can be seen on the Internet. The problem is that, in Spain, there are other channels that have paid for that license. What would happen if anyone could enter that Italian page and watch the game? That causes them to geo-block that site.

The same thing we mentioned can also be applied to series and movies. It may be that a platform, such as Netflix, has paid to broadcast a series in a specific country but has not paid a license for Spain. Even subscribers from our country may have to pay extra for that series. By geographically blocking that movie or series, we would not be able to watch it.

Another reason is to divide the countries by market segments. We cannot say that it is a strict blocking as such, but it does prevent us from accessing a website in the same way that other people see it. For example, this often happens on certain news pages. If we enter the United States domain from Spain, for example, it automatically redirects us to the Spanish domain or the European site.

A third reason is because of the laws of a country . This occurs in countries where certain services are censored or blocked. For example in China we cannot access Facebook or Google. Those platforms are geo-locked.

Blocking can be bypassed

Although what we have mentioned is very common and there are many web pages that have geographic blocking, there are options to avoid it. Also, it is not complicated. It is possible to browse the Internet as if we were in another location and thus bypass any restrictions.

One of the options to avoid blocking a page is the use of a VPN . It is a program that encrypts the connection, hides the IP address and, in this way, modifies our real connection. What we do is access that site through another server. That server may be hosted in another country, in which that website is fully accessible without any problems.

Another similar option is through a proxy . We are going to go out through an intermediate server and in this way we will hide the real geographical location. It is another method to bypass the blockade and be able to enter a web page. Even with the Tor browser we will be able to hide the IP and skip these blocks.