Why does the mouse not work properly on certain IKEA tables?

When buying a desk at IKEA or at any other furniture store, it is important to know how to choose well. It would not be the first time that we find that our mouse does not work for us when moving it on the surface of the desktop . Which means that many times we have to buy a mat or surface dedicated to it and thereby break the general aesthetics of the room. What should we look at when choosing a desk for our computer?

There is nothing more frustrating and annoying than moving the mouse and seeing how the cursor does not move at all and all because the surface of our table is not suitable. That is why knowing how to choose our desk well when going to an IKEA-type furniture store is very important and doing so is not difficult, you just have to take into account a small detail when buying a desk for your PC.

Why does the mouse not work properly on certain IKEA tables

Why am I having mouse problems on my IKEA desk?

The answer to this is simple and is due to the way mice work, which use a light sensor together with a camera to trace movements and interpret them as cursor movements. If the surface is not suitable, then we may find that we are going to have problems moving the peripheral and this is a problem since it is essential to interact with our PC.

Mesa IKEA Ratón

The way to fix it? Avoid desktops with Gloss-style finishes , since these finishes have a level of light refraction that ends up causing the optical sensor of our mouse to end up receiving incorrect information. So it is best to opt for a desk or table with a completely matte surface . That is to say, the color is not a problem, but the type of wood or its substitute that we are going to use. In passing, we will remind you to avoid conventional tables, since these usually have finishes that are counterproductive for use with a computer and are not designed for wear and tear on that mole.

What happens if we have chosen wrong?

In the event that we already encounter this problem, we should not despair either, since despite the fact that mice with an optical sensor do not work well, those with a laser sensor do on some Gloss-type surfaces. So all is not lost, moreover, if even this doesn’t work for you, then you could opt for a mousepad as a last resort or even go as far as to buy yourself a new desk at IKEA or the like.

How to choose the best desktop for your PC?

This is an additional advice that we give you, do not even think of embedding your PC tower in a chest of drawers or a hole designed for it. Due to the fact that this is disastrous for cooling and we are tired of seeing how computers overheat due to having lousy ventilation. As much as people say, a rook works best on the table. Another thing that we also recommend is good cable management if you use many peripherals, which allows them to pass under the table without problems and give a clean and tidy appearance.

Escritorio FREDE IKEA

In any case, if you have doubts which IKEA desk to choose, then let us recommend the FREDDE , which you can see in the image above and has been designed with a view to gaming, it will allow you to have everything well organized and place configurations without problems. such as dual monitors or even large.