Different Ways to Update Windows 10 Drivers Manually

The drivers of a computer are those small programs responsible for the software, such as the operating system, being able to recognize and control all the components of the computer, the hardware. Without the drivers we could not use the graphics card, read and write on hard drives, listen to music through the speakers … not even use the keyboard and mouse. And therefore, keeping the drivers updated is one of the essential maintenance tasks for the proper functioning of the computer.

Windows comes with a series of generic drivers that are installed on the computer next to the operating system. These drivers are capable of recognizing most of the computer components to be able to use them. At least the basics, such as the graphics card, keyboards, mice, the network card etc. However, there are components that normally do not recognize these drivers, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips, audio cards and many accessories that we can connect via USB.

The generic drivers are neither updated nor designed to get all the performance out of the computer. Therefore, although to install Windows they are fine, as soon as we have our computer ready it is recommended to always update these drivers to install the most recent official versions and be able to take full advantage of the equipment.

How to manually update the drivers of a computer from Windows 10

In addition to generic Windows drivers, Microsoft has a complete driver database on Windows Update servers. Using this tool we can download, in addition to updates, a large number of operating system drivers.

This way we can install most of the drivers that were not installed by default when installing the operating system. And we will also update many of the generic Windows drivers to official drivers that, although not the most recent ones, will work better. We can see a list with the drivers that have been updated through Windows Update . In this way we can always have them controlled.

Driver NVIDIA instalado

But the trick of Windows Update is nothing more than that, a “trick.” If we really want to get our computer ready we must manually update the drivers as we explain below.

Download drivers always from official websites

When we buy the motherboard, a CD will surely come with its drivers. We can install this CD, but we must bear in mind that the drivers will not be updated. What we will find on the CD will be a control center that will allow us to control the drivers we have installed and update them whenever there is a new version of them.

ASUS Q Installer

In addition to this, it is also advisable to visit the manufacturers website to always download the latest available versions. The drivers that we must update are, in addition to those of the GPU, those of the motherboard. These include, above all, the chipset, sound and network driver.

Descargar drivers Windows 10 de placa base

We must always look for the drivers on the websites of the motherboard manufacturers. If our board is ASUS, on the ASUS website. If it’s Gigabyte, in Gigabyte’s. If it is Aorus, in that of Aorus. Etc.

Gaming peripherals also need to have updated drivers in order to function as well as possible. However, if we have installed the control centers of these peripherals (such as iCUE, Corsair, Synapse, Razer, G Suite , Logitech, etc.), these same programs will automatically update their drivers, in addition to the helmet firmware , mice, keyboards, and other peripherals.

Manually update the NVIDIA and AMD drivers: the most important if we are gamers

In addition to updating the drivers of the motherboard and peripherals of the computer, another of the most important components of the computer, especially if we use the PC to play, is the graphics card.

Both AMD and NVIDIA often release driver updates very often. At home one of them usually correct bugs, improve performance and optimize the graphics for new games that are released.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience - Actualizar Drivers

AMD and NVIDIA have their control panels that let us know when new drivers are available. However, if we do not use these panels then we must visit the website of the manufacturer of our card to download and install the latest drivers and be able to get all the performance.

Use software to update all computer drivers (but carefully)

Manually updating the drivers of a computer is something you don’t like, something boring and, for many, even complicated. Therefore, some developers have created simple programs that analyze our entire computer and download the latest driver versions automatically.

These programs usually have a large updated database with drivers for almost all types of hardware. The drivers, in addition, are usually digitally signed by the manufacturers, be safe and ensure the proper functioning of the computer and components.

One of the programs to update the drivers is IObit Driver Booster . This is one of the fastest, easiest and most reliable to use. We can even use it for free, although we will have limited the automatic process, the speed and some additional function to encourage us to buy the Pro version if it convinces us its operation. This program can be downloaded from the following link .

IObit Driver Booster 6.5

In addition, there are other similar alternatives to update the drivers of our PC, such as Snappy Driver Installer or DriverPack Solution , although the latest versions of these two free programs have opted for bloatware (install unwanted software) as a means of financing.

It is also very popular DUMo, a payment alternative to keep our drivers updated created by the developers of SUMo, the software that allows us to keep our programs always up to date.

Of course, although the accuracy and effectiveness of these programs is usually quite high, it is recommended to always use them carefully. We must always check all the drivers that are going to be updated, check that they actually match the components of our computer and, despite them, always create a restore point before updating the drivers with these programs.