Watch Amazon Prime Video Offline: Download Chapters and Watch Offline

Amazon Prime Video has some of the best series of recent years, such as Fleabag or The Boys. Many unpublished and original premieres and other great classics that the platform has recovered for its users and that we can see again twenty years later, as is the case of Los Serrano or Compañeros. But also, you can watch it without internet connection, you can watch Amazon Prime Video offline.

Like many other streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video allows us to download the contents to see them when we do not have an Internet connection. Something especially useful if we are going to travel and want to watch series or movies on the tablet on the plane, for example, or simply if we are going to spend a few days away from home and we will not have WiFi. If you choose to watch Amazon Prime Video offline you will not have to have any WiFi connection but you can also save data, as Netflix has been doing for years and with a function that is increasingly present on more platforms, as is the case with HBO.

Watch Amazon Prime Video Offline

What is Amazon Prime Video?

The first thing we must know is what Amazon Prime Video is, although you will know if you have come this far. It is Amazon’s streaming video platform whose price is included in the annual subscription for Prime users. Beyond paying for free and fast shipping on the products you buy in the store, you also have a number of advantages that many people do not even know.

Among them, access to these contents without any type of extra cost except the one you already pay. Amazon Prime Video can be seen online through the browser with your Amazon username and password but also in applications for Smart TV or for Android and for iOS. Also with the specific app for Windows 10. In all Amazon Prime Video apps you can download content for when you have no Internet, no data rate or WiFI. So you can watch the series even if you are flying or away from home.

Amazon Prime Video

What can I download?

Streaming platforms do not ensure that everything available online is available for download, but on Amazon Prime Video practically all its content, as we have seen, can be viewed offline . There is no exact category or a filter in which everything downloadable will come out, but you will have to go watching and touching on your favorite movies or series to check if the button appears. As we say, we have not found any series that does not allow it, so practically everything that is most popular is available without problem.

How much does the content take up?

As we will see in the next paragraphs, Amazon Prime Video will ask you the quality of the content you want to download before doing so and depending on how you choose one or the other, the space it will occupy in your internal memory or on your SD card will be greater or less. It will depend on what you decide or the space you have. But, to give you an idea, we go over approximately how much space they take up.

In the case of a sixty minute chapter, for example, the approximate space it would occupy on your mobile phone or tablet is:

  • In optimal quality, about 1.82 GB of space
  • With better quality, around 0.77 GB
  • In “Good” quality, about 0.27 GB of space
  • With “economy” quality, about 0.14 Gb of storage

It is enough to do the math with the sixty minutes to get an idea of how much what we want will occupy, although it will not always be exact but it will serve to get an approximate idea. For example, a 27-minute episode of Pocoyo in optimal quality would occupy about 0.83 GB while in economic quality only 0.06 GB.

Calidad de descargas de Amazon Prime Video

On the other hand, the film Father there is only one, with a duration of 96 minutes, it would occupy 2.91 Gb in the highest quality and 0.22 in the cheapest, with intermediate options of 1.23 GB or 0.43 GB with “Best” and “Good” respectively.

Download the Amazon Prime Video App

The first thing we have to do in order to download content and watch Amazon Prime Video offline is download the application on any compatible device. You can do it on your mobile phone or tablet with Android, with iOS and Fire. Once you have it, log in with your usual Amazon username and password.

Aplicación Amazon Prime Video

Download series and movies

Once you have the application installed, you will see that the home screen appears with the corresponding categories at the top: home, series, movies, children, originals. And some recommended series that are included in your Amazon Prime subscription. When you are here, you will be able to choose what you want to watch or what you want to download to watch offline. Use the app’s finder or take a look at the recommendations based on what you’ve seen before.

Once the series is chosen, you will have two options:

  • Download the full season
  • Download single episodes

The steps we must follow to download are the following:

  • Use the magnifying glass and the search engine to find something you want to see
  • Tap on that series or movie to open it in full screen
  • Once big, if it is a series, you can change by seasons
  • In each season, you will see an icon that indicates … “Download season 1”
  • Check this option if you want to see all episodes offline
  • If not, scroll
  • Choose the chapters you want to download
  • Tap on the download icon next to the episode name or number
  • Choose the download quality according to the space you want to occupy
    • Optimal
    • Best
    • Good
    • Economical
  • Confirm with “Start download”
  • Wait a few seconds or minutes for it to complete


Keep in mind that if you have an SD card in your mobile phone, the application will ask you where you want to store the Amazon Prime Video offline content : on the card or in the internal memory. You will see the message just when you give it to download.

You should also bear in mind that if you are going to download a movie or a documentary, you will not see several download options but there will only be one button, of course. If there are no episodes, there will only be an option to save it for offline viewing.

View downloaded chapters

When a few minutes have passed and everything has been downloaded we will only have to go to the corresponding section to see what we have available. Put the phone or tablet in Airplane Mode if you want to check if it is downloaded correctly. Once you have it, open the application and you can go to your episodes or movies.

  • Open the Amazon Prime Video app
  • Look in the lower menu of the application
  • Tap on the “Downloads” option
  • You will see the list of titles available to view
  • If it is a series, tap on it and you will see the available episodes
  • Choose the chapter or movie you want
  • Click on it so that it opens and starts playing

Eliminar descargas de Amazon Prime Video

Netflix has smart downloads that automatically delete watched episodes but not on Amazon. When you have stopped watching series on Amazon Prime Video offline, you can tap on the three dots next to the content name, from the “Downloads” section and tap on “Delete download” . If there are many that you want to delete, you can touch on the upper right corner, on “Edit” and select everything you want to disappear. Select and delete them.