VPN Proxy Master: An Easy way to access the Internet without restrictions

Sometimes you want to go unnoticed, we mean you do not know the place from which you connect to the Internet, something that is useful at different times. Well, if you want to get it one of the applications you can use is VPN Master, which has certain virtues such as the one that costs absolutely nothing.

With this development, what is achieved is to use a VPN, which allows an intermediate server to be accessed when connecting to the Internet. What is this for? Well, among other things, that the place from which the network is accessed is not known and, therefore, to be able to skip regional restrictions such as that affecting certain websites or social networks. In addition, if you have cloud-based services, such as Spotify or Netflix, the database you access is the location of the intermediate server, so this is also important.

This is the function that VPN Master fulfills, and look no further since this has not been contemplated. This, in our opinion, is a success, since it makes the use of development as simple as we have seen, so it is a virtue that must be taken into account. In addition, the user interface is very intuitive, so in a few seconds (yes, we say seconds) it is very clear what should be done. By the way, the application we are talking about is translated, which makes its operation more efficient, although the side menu is not very helpful due to lack of options.

Without compatibility problems, we have tested this work both in terminals with 2 GB of RAM and in the most powerful ones on the market and that has eight gigabytes. In all cases we have verified that the operation is very fluid both when accessing the application itself and when connecting to the Internet. In addition, without problems to failures of closures or excessive drop in performance.

Fast and effective, that's VPN Master

The first thing is to access the list of servers that are available at work, something that is achieved by using the icon in the upper right area of ​​VPN Master. Here you can see the ones offered in the free version (in the paid version there are some more), the truth is that there are not many and this is one of the handicaps that has the development we are talking about. Once the one that fits the needs of the user has been chosen, the rest of the actions are really simple: press the central button of the general interface and, done this, wait for the connection to be established -which does not take long-.

Once this is done, there is a decrease in the performance of Internet access, it is not very excessive, but it is verified that the place from which it is connected has already been effectively emulated. There are no problems with errors when loading pages or downloading files, so VPN Master has convinced us without being the best in the market, but with admirable effectiveness.

VPN Master, where to download this application

This application, which performs its function properly, can be obtained for free in both the Galaxy Store and Play Store . Without problems of operation and with great simplicity of use, the truth is that it is not a bad option to carry installed on the phone or tablet in case you travel abroad.