Effortless Multi-Computer Connectivity: Using One Keyboard on Multiple Devices

If you own multiple computers, whether they’re desktops, laptops, mini PCs, or a combination of these, you’ve likely faced the frustration of constantly switching USB cables between them or even needing to purchase additional peripherals.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this inconvenience, allowing you to use a single keyboard on multiple computers without the hassle of cable swapping—simply by pressing a button.

one keyboard two pcs

How to Share a Keyboard Across Multiple Computers

This method isn’t limited to keyboards; it works for any USB-connected device, including mice, external hard drives, flash drives, and even larger equipment like printers or disk readers.

The solution lies in a device called a switch or KVM switch. By connecting your keyboard or other peripheral to the switch and then to the computers you wish to use, you can seamlessly switch between them with the press of a button. It’s a straightforward, efficient, and space-saving way to improve your workspace’s comfort and eliminate the need for extra cables or complex setups.

There are numerous types and brands of KVM switches available, but the one featured in the video is among the most well-known and recommended options. While this brand might be on the higher end in terms of price, its speed, reliability, and quality are unmatched. Additionally, it comes with four ports, which should be more than sufficient for most users.

If you’re seeking a more budget-friendly and straightforward alternative, there are plenty of other options on Amazon as well. You’ll discover various models with different sizes, connectors, and features to suit your specific needs.


KVM switches are not exclusive to USB devices; there are also KVM switches designed for monitors and other devices, featuring HDMI, VGA outputs, and more.

These switches are incredibly useful, especially upon your initial experience with them. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without one. Furthermore, they are cost-effective, particularly when compared to purchasing additional keyboards or mice. This is especially relevant if you own high-quality peripherals and prefer to use them across all your computers without resorting to lesser alternatives.

Installing a KVM switch is hassle-free; it doesn’t require any drivers or complex setup. Simply plug it in like a flash drive, and it works seamlessly with various types of computers and operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and even gaming consoles like PlayStation or Xbox. This versatility allows you to utilize controllers or your PC keyboard on multiple devices effortlessly.”