How to Trick Netflix Not to Charge You More for Account Sharing

In recent days, the popular Netflix streaming platform has announced that in different countries it will charge more monthly fee if we want to share an account in other houses. If you have a Netflix account and you share it with family or friends, very soon in Spain we will also have to pay this cost additionally, because the company will detect that the same account is being used from two different public IP addresses. If you find yourself in this situation, today in this article we are going to teach you how to cheat Netflix and continue paying the same fee as always.

Trick Netflix Not to Charge You More for Account Sharing

What does Netflix do to detect that you share an account?

Since the beginning of the popular streaming platform, Netflix has allowed account sharing to simultaneously view up to four screens simultaneously . At all times it has always been indicated in the conditions of use that it must be in the same household, however, we did not have any type of limitation if we shared the account with relatives who were outside the main household, and we did not even have problems if we shared it with friends. In recent years, what users do is organize themselves in forums to share the same Netflix account, in this way, with the same account, up to four people can connect to the platform simultaneously without any problem.

Mejorar Netflix al usarlo por Wi-Fi

Netflix detects that multi-account is being used in different places through the public IP address of each connection . In this way, if we have a specific public IP in our house and our family member has another, Netflix will automatically detect that the service is being used outside the main home. It remains to be seen how they manage the same for the connections made with smartphones and tablets, since we can perfectly use the mobile data connection and not the home WiFi.

Taking into account that the company detects the public IP address of the connection, what we must do to avoid being charged more is to go online with the different devices with the same public IP in all the homes where we have the shared account.

Prevent Netflix from detecting this so it doesn’t charge you more

The way to prevent Netflix from detecting that we are using different public IP addresses is to use exactly the same one for the devices that we are going to use the platform. What we have to do is mount a VPN server in one of the homes , this will be the “main” home of the Netflix account. It is recommended that in this home we have a good Internet connection, both downloading and uploading, because it will also have to manage the traffic of the VPN clients. It is highly recommended to use a home router with a VPN server , so that clients can connect without any problem. However, you could also use the VPN server of a NAS server that you have at home, it is not recommended to use an old Raspberry Pi or similar, because we will have to provide a minimum amount of bandwidth to be able to play the content in 4K resolution without stopping.

In the rest of the homes where we share the Netflix account , such as at the home of a relative or friend, we will have to install a VPN client on the device where we are going to use Netflix . If you use it on a smartphone, tablet or computer, we simply have to install the OpenVPN or WireGuard client, connect to the VPN server and then open the Netflix application. All network traffic from this device will go out to the Internet through our family member’s VPN server, so you should also keep that in mind.

Generally , smart TVs do not allow the installation of VPN software such as OpenVPN or WireGuard , for this reason, we will need a router with VPN client capabilities. ASUS routers allow you to do this, in addition, they also allow only the network traffic of certain devices to go through the VPN, and the rest of the equipment to go to the Internet through the main Internet connection. This configuration is somewhat more complex to perform, but everything is done through the graphical user interface, also, if you have an ASUS router with the Asuswrt Merlin firmware, you will be able to configure all this in detail, because the official firmware does not have all the desirable options to perform this action.

As you can see, in order to circumvent this new Netflix restriction when it is deployed in Spain, it is necessary to set up a VPN server in one of the houses, and in the others we will have to install the VPN client to connect to our TVs and devices. .