ToffeeShare: Share Files with Friends and Family Securely via P2P

In general terms, the Internet usually offers us solutions and routes for all tastes and needs, depending on what we want to do. For example, when sharing content with others, we can do it in different ways, as we will see now with the ToffeeShare application.

And it is that as we tell you, through the Internet we can carry out all kinds of jobs and ways to perform many tasks. So, as most of you already know first hand, from the browser we can play , chat, interact with others, read news, visit social networks , or download content of all kinds. That is precisely what we want to talk about in these lines, about file downloads.


Service that ToffeeShare will provide us when sharing files

Of course, these downloads we make come from other users, servers or websites that have stored those files so that we can download them online . These data may refer to both professional work-related settings, as well as more personal or recreational settings.

At the same time, it may be the case that we ourselves are the ones who need, for whatever reason, to share our own content with others. Likewise, in order to carry out these specific tasks, we have several paths to follow. It should be borne in mind that the fact of sharing content of all kinds with other Internet users has become a common practice. What’s more, this is something that takes place in both directions, that is, both up and down. Well, here we are going to talk about an application that will be very useful to you, ToffeeShare.

Say that many times we need to share files remotely, that is, with a person who is not on the same network. Therefore we have to opt for using a service as an intermediary on the Internet. There are many, such as email or files that are uploaded to the cloud to share a link. These are systems that surely many of us have ever used. But now we will talk about a more interesting alternative in many cases, ToffeeShare.

How it works and how this program will be useful to us

It is true that the mentioned methods work very well and provide us with a more than valid way of working to share files. In addition, they provide us with an external space to save those files until they are downloaded. But at the same time this may not be the best solution for everyone. For all this we can also use the direct transfer of data between PCs. It is precisely for this that P2P networks exist, and there the utility of ToffeeShare.

Tofeeshare enlace

Therefore, if we are looking for a simple P2P transfer method to share, let’s see this solution. I ‘m sure we know a lot about P2P clients like uTorrent or qBitTorrent , among others, but ToffeeShare is different in some ways.

To start we will tell you that this solution works directly in the web browser , so we do not need to install anything. Once we access the web application as such, we can upload files and share a link with whoever we want to send those files to. Of course, for this we need the browser to remain open, in addition to not being able to refresh or close the tab in which the transfer is located. This at least until it is completely finished.

Advantages of using ToffeeShare when sharing

As it is easy to imagine, one of the advantages that ToffeeShare presents us with is privacy. And it is necessary to know that the file itself is not stored on any remote server, so the transfer is direct, and therefore more secure. They are also sent directly to the recipient, all through a unique and personalized link.

At the same time, it presents us with some advantages when making this transfer from a mobile phone. This is because the program also offers us a link to share a QR code that the receiver can scan from the mobile for download . However, perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks we find in the fact that we cannot close the shipping tab until the download is finished, as we discussed.

Tofeeshare código QR

What we can do is minimize the window or navigate normally from another tab. Therefore its use is extremely simple, and as for the duration of the process, this depends on other factors. Here comes into play the size of the file , the connection we have, the use we make of the Internet during it, etc.

How to use the program for free

Therefore and as we can see, this is a program that allows us to share files directly and securely. This is achieved thanks to an end-to-end encryption system, all also without limits in terms of file size that we can share.

Thus, in the event that we want to benefit from all this from this moment, we will only have to access the web application in question. In this way and from any of the current browsers, we can connect to this URL .