This happens if you use pirated games and thus affects your security

When browsing the Internet or using online services, we can come across many security risks. But this especially increases when we use pirated content. In this article we are going to talk about how the fact of using pirated games can affect you, whether on your mobile phone, on your computer or on any device. We will also give some tips to avoid problems.

Pirate games, a major danger

This happens if you use pirated games

We can say that these problems occur whenever we download pirated software , but it is more accentuated when it comes to games. Sometimes unknowingly, sometimes consciously, when a user downloads a pirated game from the Internet, they are putting their system and their own privacy at risk.

viruses enter

The first thing is that viruses can enter. It stands to reason that by downloading pirated software, a third party may have maliciously modified it. In addition to the game you are downloading, you may unknowingly download some malware that will run on the device once you install it.

It is an entry method for threats as dangerous as ransomware. An attacker could control your computer without your knowledge, open a back door to access all kinds of information or even access other devices you have connected to the network.

Data can be filtered

Another problem that can be caused by using pirated games is that personal data could be leaked . Here we should not only mention our own information that we use in the game, such as username and password, but also personal data from the registration or from our own device.

Personal information is highly valued on the network and attackers can look for multiple options to steal it. One of them is through pirated software. They may modify that game to contain some kind of spyware or simply direct us to fake login pages.

Aplicación que afecta a millones de dispositivos

The game is not going well

Of course, beyond the security risk itself, it should also be noted that the game may not work correctly. After all, we are not using an official, legitimate version, but rather a pirated one that can sometimes even be quite far from how it should really be.

This can affect not only the operation of the game itself, but also the device itself. You could see that your computer or mobile starts to slow down, loads worse and, in general, does not work as it should.


A pirated program or game may contain adware . Basically, this will cause our device to be flooded with advertising, which can sometimes be malicious and take us to dangerous sites where they will steal data or sneak in other types of malware. This happens because hackers can sneak in that pirated game, but also an attachment that is going to be the adware.

This is another of the most common security problems when browsing. You can see it when a lot of pop-ups, bars or ads appear constantly and out of the ordinary in the browser itself.

In short, as you can see, it is dangerous to use pirated games. Our advice is to always download and install software from official sites, be it software, games or whatever. In addition, to be even more protected, it is always a good idea to have a good security program and keep everything up to date. Installing cracked programs is a problem, but so are pirated games.