The new way to unlock the mobile with the Android 13 smartwatch

Being able to unlock your smartphone with your smartwatch is nothing new. Today it is something that can be done with almost all the customization layers and with the help of a control app, but it is not a tool that is integrated into the Google operating system.

What we do have, in a similar but not the same way, is the ” Smart Lock ” tool, which allows us to bypass the phone’s security lock when we have a trusted device nearby, via Bluetooth. However, this is going to go a little further as the guys at XDA Developers reveal, with Android 13.

new way to unlock the mobile with the Android 13 smartwatch

Unlocking the phone with the watch

Although Google presented its new operating system a little over a month ago, it has not shared any details about the function that has just been discovered through Play Services. Luckily, in a breakdown of the latest update of these services , it is revealed how it would work after its launch, which we assume will take place at the end of September with the launch of the new Google Pixel.

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By analyzing the data from the tool, what is known as ” Nearby Unlock ” or ” Nearby Unlock ” will allow you to use your smart watch ” to safely unlock your phone after activating it “. The update also includes a new animation illustrating the proximity unlock feature.

Unlike what we can do with Smart Lock and Bluetooth, the leak suggests that you will only be able to unlock your smartphone with your watch if it is unlocked, on your wrist and close to your phone. Additionally, information from XDA reveals that when “you unlock your watch, it will stay unlocked while you’re wearing it.” The close unlock feature will also send a notification to the watch after use to let you know that the phone has been started and you will be given the option to instantly lock it again.

This feature has been discovered in the operating system code, i.e. it is not available in the latest Android 13 beta . Therefore, we cannot be sure if it will arrive with the stable versions of Android 13 later this year or if Google finally chooses to reject it due to its extreme resemblance to Smart Lock.

Keep in mind that this was already discovered in one of the first betas of Google’s software, but it was called differently, so it is possible that the firm is thinking about its usability because it is firmly committed to it. Interestingly, earlier this year, Google announced that it would improve the Wear OS auto-unlock experience between Android and Chrome OS devices. At first it was thought that this would be an exclusive feature of the next Pixel Watch but it seems that, as the weeks go by, it will eventually become a general feature for all smartphones running Android 13.

We’ll find out in a few months at the Google event in late September or early October.