The keys to make your TikTok videos viral

The rise of audiovisual content and the world of TikTok has meant that today we are talking about viral videos and the need for everything we post on this social network, which for many is dance and for others, entertainment, to be seen by thousands of people. people. If you want all the content you upload to TikTok to be as viral as possible and seen by lots of people, take a piece of paper and a pen because we’ll explain everything to you.

Of course we are talking about a trick that can help and that will give a good result, although we already know the influence of the publication hours and the algorithm itself and its positioning so that they position our video in the best possible way . So get ready and hit the record button, we’re going to make a viral video.

The keys to make your TikTok videos viral

Start with the essential: continuity

One of the issues that TikTok will end up rewarding you with over time is giving continuity over time to the content we are making. We are not talking about uploading daily content, but that there is a periodicity and a time in which we take care of uploading every two days, maybe, certain content; You can always upload something and if we want to position, it is best that we be constant in everything we upload .


Here the question is, of course, that you reinvent yourself, that you know very well what you like on TikTok and know how to follow the path of the content that has so far been successful on your TikTok account according to your followers. In this way, the best thing you can do is always reinvent yourself and create new content.

Make use of hashtags

Perhaps the most important point of all those who are part of the process of uploading a TikTok to social networks is to make use of hashtags, that pad followed by a text that groups a series and class of content.

The fact of placing the exact hashtags is absolutely interesting since in reality they are grouped by content and if you see many TikToks of the same hashtag, it will continue to recommend videos and content of that nature, so you have to study and know very well what type of content your audience likes to place the necessary hashtags. In the same way, you must previously study which hashtags are the best , the ones that have the most views or the ones that best position among all that there is.

You should also know that you do not have to do hashtag bombing , which is nothing more than the placement of many hashtags at will, something that can annoy many users and that can even cause the video to be positioned badly , so always remember that less is more.

Edit to the beat of trending music

If there is something that matters to TikTok, it is the music that you put on, the one that is listened to, the one that you put in your videos and it is also crucial that you put the most interesting music to the ears of the public, which at the same time are the most modern , so in this chaos, it is best that it is always the music that is in fashion. The latest hits are always a hit if you want to get the most viral video on all of TikTok, so a simple search for what’s trending will suffice to know what to put on while editing your video.

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Do not forget that many people use the same audio and all the videos that are uploaded with that audio are recorded , so in this case, if it is viral music, it will be much easier for your videos to rank without any problem. .