The best peripherals you can buy for your PS5

Surely you squeeze bad thing your PS5. Hours and hours of gaming that could be more fun with the right peripherals or accessories. And it is that SONY has a series of products that make a difference with respect to its competition, many of them focused on other tasks that have nothing to do with gaming. What are the best peripherals for your PS5? Here you have them all.

An improvement in comprehensive gaming, improvements in the system, in the interaction, in the immersion of everything that has to do with the PS5, that is what SONY is looking for with these accessories and peripherals, of which I am sure some of you know.

The best peripherals you can buy for your PS5

The best peripherals for PS5

The list only has original peripherals or accessories, since the world of custom is so wide that we could be recommending it for weeks. What we are looking for is that it works without problems, the first time, that it integrates perfectly into the games, in the experience, that it improves them and of course that they have a guarantee from a great manufacturer like the Japanese, since the outlay is not cheap.

PS5 DualSense Controller

DualSense PS4 Portada

There’s not much to say here that we don’t already know. Why opt for a second controller? Well, the recommendation ranges from being able to play with family and friends, to having a second option charged when the battery of the first command in question runs out.

It should be added that if one of the two were damaged, we would not be left without playing logically.

Pulse 3D Headphones

Every good gamer needs quality headphones to position the enemy or the traps they leave behind. Why choose this headset and not another? Everything revolves around the 3D audio of the console, these Pulse 3D give perfect support to achieve that spatial sound that SONY intends.

Auriculares Sony Pulse 3D

In addition, it is very comfortable, the earmuffs are made of PU leather and fabric , the headband is adjustable and aesthetically they are beautiful, but above all, they have a fairly good quality, not premium.

DualSense charging station

Another accessory that we cannot miss, precisely because it is the base for the controls. Recommending a second DualSense and not doing it with its charging base makes no sense. The advantage of this, apart from charging two controllers, is that it can be achieved without keeping them connected to the PS5. This helps to free up USB from the console, which is ideal if we have to plug any other accessories there.

PS5 Controller


As you surely know, the console can be used for much more than to play as such. It is a multimedia center that logically has its corresponding control . This can be used for many things, for example, navigating through menus, turning on the console remotely, selecting text, using it for the internet and in short, for anything that has to do with moving around anything that is not a game.

It’s basically a TV remote for the console.

In addition to these peripherals for PS5, there are many other unofficial ones that are just as useful. From external SSD, through VR glasses , steering wheels with pedals, joystick and many more. We just have to make sure that they are compatible with the console.