Task app comparison: Things 3 vs Todoist

Fortunately for all users, within the App Store there are many application options to carry out practically any activity, but today we will talk about task management apps, more specifically about the best options that you can find for it, such as Things 3 and Todoist.

Before talking about these two fantastic applications, you have to know that they are not two completely free applications . From the outset, Things 3 offers you a few days of trial, so you can check if you are really going to take advantage of it, after this period of time, if you want to use it you will have to pay for it, yes, a single payment. On the other hand, the same thing does not happen with Todoist , since it is initially free, you will only have to pay if you want to use certain very specific functions, or you need to opt for a greater number of projects than the ones that the app offers you for free.

Task app comparison: Things 3 vs Todoist

Main features

Within each type of application there are always some features that are more important than others, well, that is exactly where we are going to start comparing Things 3 and Todoist, two of the most outstanding applications for managing all the daily tasks that a person can have. Of course, with details and characteristics that make them unique and, therefore, complicate the user’s life when choosing one of them.

app design

The first big difference that we can find, also at first glance, is the design that both apps have. In this case, it is Things 3 that is very similar to what the Cupertino company would do if it created an app to manage the tasks and projects of each person. Its design is very minimalist , without complications, with a white or dark interface, depending on the user’s preference and the different sections that you can find within the app itself.

For its part, Todoist, without being a complicated application, does present a little more complexity in its design . First of all, it is very customizable , so you can choose the colors perfectly to your liking. It also has quick access to all its sections in its main interface, such as the inbox, the tasks for today, different projects that you can create or the filters and labels present.


Without a doubt, this section is something very subjective and personal that each user has to assess. In essence, they don’t differ much from each other if we talk about productivity, since in both you can quickly access all the information you store inside it, but aesthetically they are quite different.

Task management

The main value that these two applications bring is to give users the ability to manage all their daily tasks in the best possible way. In this sense, both applications put a large number of options on the table, so that each user can adapt the use of the application according to their needs and requirements, since the same degree of complexity is not always needed when it comes to manage day-to-day productivity or a specific project.

When you create a task in Things 3, there are several options you have to be able to define it in the best possible way. The first thing you have to do, obviously, is name that task. Once this is done, you can choose a date , by default you can include it in today’s day, select a day from the calendar or place it in the “Someday” section, which is one of the peculiar characteristics of this application. However, if you decide not to choose any of these options, the task will automatically go to the Inbox. You can also assign a label , which are completely customizable, write a note , create a list of tasks within the task itself , and even set a deadline for completion . Of course, in case you have already created or have a project or area , you can assign said task to one of these two elements.


Let’s go now with Todoist. In the same way, from the general interface of the app you can easily create a task. Once you name it, you can include a description in it, assign it a specific date , the app itself gives you the option to include it today, leave it for tomorrow, for the weekend, next week or choose yourself or yourself on a calendar day, otherwise this task will also go to your inbox. You can also include it within a certain project and section , even set a reminder , or use the camera of your iPhone or other device to be able to scan the text of any document .

As you have seen, the way of managing tasks is generally quite similar between these two applications, but they each have certain nuances that will make some users lean more towards one than the other. However, the reality is that both Things 3 and Todoist are great tools for managing both daily tasks and those of a specific project.

Projects management

Speaking of projects, within a task management application it is vital to be able to manage these within different projects. In this sense they are quite similar, but they present a small difference. In both Things 3 and Todoist, the user has the opportunity to create different projects, and also, within these projects other subdivisions, which is where the difference between them lies.


What we could consider a project as such, within Things 3 is called an area , and within each area the user can create different projects and subprojects. On the other hand, in Todoist, the user can create a project and within it enter different sections . In short, although each app is named differently, and there are some special features, at the end of the day and productively speaking, we are facing practically the same thing.

Other important aspects

Obviously, the most important thing within task and project management applications is the way in which users can create and manage everything. However, and these are points that ultimately make the difference, there are other aspects to assess and take into account that will make each application better suited to some users than others. This is exactly what we are going to talk to you about now.

Synchronization with other calendars

The purpose with which most users use a task management application is to increase their productivity, making better planning and use of the available time. However, to achieve this goal, in most cases it is not enough just to use a task management app, but it is also necessary, in a complementary way, to use a calendar that helps manage the time that is going to be dedicated to it to each of the tasks.

In this sense, both Things 3 and Todoist have a great advantage, and that is that both are completely compatible with other calendar applications, however, neither is with it. First of all, Things 3 integrates perfectly with the Apple calendar , or rather, the opposite, since it will be in the interface of this application where you will also be able to consult the different events that you have on your calendar.


On the other hand, Todoist integrates wonderfully with one of the most popular calendar apps on the App Store, which is Fantastical , so much so, that from there you can both view and manage the tasks already created in Todoist, as well as add new ones and even be able to customize them and introduce them in the different projects created. Obviously, as we said, this will depend on the tastes and preferences of each user, but without a doubt it is a point that you have to value very positively.

Available views

We finally come to the last point that separates these two applications, the way in which you will be able to visualize your tasks. This is something very important, since each user will have a different need when it comes to organizing themselves, and above all, when it comes to visualizing in the most optimal way possible all the tasks that they have to carry out, either within a specific day. or within a project. Therefore, below we leave you the different ways to do it in each of the applications.

  • stuff 3
    • Entry.
    • Today.
    • Scheduled.
    • Anytime.
    • Someday.
    • Record.
    • Different areas and projects.
  • Todoist
    • Inbox.
    • Today.
    • Next.
    • Filters and labels.
    • Projects.

Vistas Which is better?

Whenever we make a comparison, whether of two products or, in this case, of two applications, from the ITIGIC writing team we like to tell you which is, for us, the best option of the proposals. Well, in this case, there really isn’t one application that is better than the other, since both offer a magnificent service and, depending on the needs of each user, what makes them opt for Things 3 or Todoist.

Surely, all those who already use the Apple calendar intensely, opt for Things 3 given the compatibility between them. On the other hand, those who don’t use Apple’s Calendar app, or use Fantastical directly, surely Todoist can become more affordable at first, both because of its compatibility with Fantastical and because it has a free version.