Mario Kart: all games in the franchise

Mario Kart: all games in the franchise

Mario Kart is synonymous with fun, frustration and injustice. Everything is allowed in the races of the Mushroom Kingdom to win. For 30 år , Mario racing games have become the viktigaste spin-off of the franchise and also of Nintendo . In this post we will review both the ursprung of this video game and the Utvecklingen of its titles over the years.

Super Mario Kart – Super Nintendo

In 1992 Super Mario Kart came out, a title for the Super Nintendo that was not originally going to be a Mario game . Originally the development started as a generic game, inspired by the XNUMX F-Zero , but with the possibility of a flerspelarläget mode. After a few months of development, Nintendo decided to take a risk and transform the title into a spin-off of the plumber.

The video game was very basic, since the circuit and the kart were the sum of two juxtaposed XNUMXD planes, which in the world of Nintendo video games is known as ‘ Mode XNUMX ‘. It allowed to manage a total of 8 tecken , and already in its beginnings the mechanics of small, medium and large characters existed, with their advantages and disadvantages.

Det fanns fyra cups making a total of 20-kretsar . It also had XNUMX objects in total that had to be picked up from the ground. Some of them disappeared in different versions of Mario Kart, and others have been recovered over the years. There was multiplayer, as long as we had two controllers for the SNES. And the title also had a battle mode, Theike the ones now.

Nintendo had inadvertently created the crazy go-kart racing genre . SEGA was quick to replicate the idea with games like Sonic Drift for the Game Gear in XNUMX. Even so, Nintendo’s success was spectacular, so it wouldn’t be long before they squeezed the formula.

Mario Kart XNUMX – Nintendo XNUMX

mario kart XNUMX

In just four years, Mario Kart made a significant leap in quality. The Nintendo XNUMX allowed the chaotic races of Mario and his colleagues to make the leap to XNUMXD .

The characters remained in number, although there were changes: Donkey Kong Jr. was replaced by his adult version and Koopa Troopa by Wario. The cups lost a grand prize, a structure that has been maintained ever since. The game had XNUMX tracks in total , and the number of items was increased to XNUMX. The best item that was added in this title was one that you sure hold dear, the blue shell . Trios of objects also arose here . The battle mode of the title was also kept in this game, and it debuted four new scenarios.

On a mechanical level, the game’s AI stopped being so tricky . In the SNES version they could use unlimited objects and dodge our attacks. From now on, the machine can only use items if it gets them on the track.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit – Game Boy Advance

mario kart super circuit

Seeing is believing. Those who already had a Game Boy Advance in 2001 were able to enjoy the first Mario Kart for portable consoles. The graphic style was identical to that of the SNES , with the same handling system. The Nintendo XNUMX characters were kept in this title. And, for the first time, circuits from previous games appeared, in this case, from Super Mario Kart. Tack vare den Retro Cups , Super Circuit had XNUMX different tracks .

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! –Nintendo Game Cube

Mario Kart: Double Dash

We could say with almost complete certainty that this was the best Mario Kart title of all those that exist. Unfortunately, it was released for a console that didn’t have the commercial success it deserved. Double Dash had a very notable increase in characters, since the karts were driven in pairs . One was driving and the other was in charge of throwing the objects. To the point that two players could control the same car and take turns during the race.

It was also the first Mario Kart that let us choose a vehicle . Each driver was assigned several cars with their different handling, weight and design. The objects also had a very remarkable evolution, reaching XNUMX in total. Moreover, they were also linked to the runners. Only the most similar couples could use special objects . For example, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi could use the Chain Chomp in a pinch. Items were also picked up in pairs, and a more complex strategy of attack and defense was possible.

It also had its own battle mode, with new and tremendously fun circuits. Split-screen play was possible with four controllers, but with additional accessories, it was possible to play with XNUMX screens and XNUMX controllers (two players per kart) and up to XNUMX players using the LAN connection accessory that could be connected to the console’s serial port. .

If we had to highlight a negative point of this game, we could only mention that it only had XNUMX circuits in XNUMX cups . Still, it was the first to add mirror mode, which challenged you to go back to XNUMXcc racing, but in the opposite direction. And the Recopa was added , a very crazy mode in which you had to face all XNUMX circuits in one go (in each XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMXcc and Mirror mode). It was very tedious, but it was still nice. Of course, it was introduced in this game and little else.

Mario Kart DS – Nintendo DS

mario kart ds

The bar for Mario Kart was still very high, and a few months after the release of the Nintendo DS , Mario Kart revisited handheld consoles in XNUMX. It wasn’t up to the level of its predecessor, but the video game gave us hours and hours of fun. .

This title knew how to take advantage of the capabilities of Nintendo’s dual-screen console. You could see a map in real time on the lower screen and spy on the items that other players got. New objects were also added, such as the blopper, which littered the screen. The game had a total of 12 tecken , also with their own. This game saw the birth of snaking , a skidding and mini-turbo technique that was born in the previous game, but now, the most experienced players would use it to take a great advantage over their rivals. This mechanic has remained in the following games of the saga, although with a slight nerf .

Mario Kart DS had its own circuits and also its XNUMX retro races , where even some circuits from the Game Cube game were added. Some tracks were really well elaborated and overflowing with creativity, such as Pinball Waluigi, Air Fortress or Clock Tic-Tac.

As if that weren’t enough, you could compete with other players using the trådlös anslutning (even if you didn’t have the game card). There was also online-läge . And to this we had to add a great challenge mode , which disappeared in the following installments of the saga and some very well-crafted battle scenarios (you even had to blow into the console’s microphone to fill the balloons).

Mario Kart Wii – Nintendo Wii

In XNUMX, Nintendo would return to the attack with a desktop title. Mario Kart Wii brought a huge catalog of characters, cars and also motorcyklar . The distribution of XNUMX new and XNUMX retro circuits was maintained in a total of eight different cups. It was a fairly continuous video game, and somewhat disappointing compared to the Game Cube title, among other things because the handling of the kart was somewhat complicated with the WiiMote.

New objects were also added , although they did not reach the following titles. It sold over 37 miljoner enheter , second only to Mario Kart 8 och Mario Kart XNUMX Deluxe combined .

Mario Kart XNUMX – Nintendo XNUMXDS

mario kart XNUMX

It was released at the end of 2011 . The great novelty of Mario Kart 7 was to customize your vehicle . You could now unlock parts for cars, creating really interesting kart, glider and wheel combinations. The structure of XNUMX new and XNUMX old circuits was religiously maintained in this edition.

Still, we could say that Mario Kart XNUMX took a step back from Mario Kart DS. The kretsar were not as colorful and creative as those of that other title, feeling quite repetitive . The challenges we discussed earlier also disappeared.

Mario Kart XNUMX / Mario Kart XNUMX Deluxe – Wii U / Nintendo Switch

Although it hurts Nintendo a bit, let’s remember that Mario Kart 8 came out for Nintendo Wii U in XNUMX . Yes, the Wii U existed, and it was a flop. Mario Kart 8 was the best-selling video game for said console. It was also the first to have a DLC, which led Mario Kart to open its horizons and accept characters from other Nintendo franchises, such as Link or the villagers of Animal Crossing – and circuits based on their worlds.

Mario Kart 8 kept the mechanics of Mario Kart 7 , allowing a car to be made in parts. Gravitational surfaces and circuits were also created that allow them to be traced by two different zones. As a throwback, you can now not acquire a new item while using one to block behind, changing an established metagame från Mario Kart: Double Dash .

In XNUMX, Nintendo decided to break the historical tradition of releasing a Mario Kart per console. Nintendo Switch would have Mario Kart XNUMX again, only this time in its Deluxe version —that is, with the DLC content integrated into the base game for Switch—. Thanks to this move, this title has become the best-selling Mario Kart of all time —it has also been the one that has been on the front line for the longest time without a substitute—.

mario kart booster pack

In early XNUMX, Nintendo introduced a new DLC system that would add XNUMX new tracks to the game progressively until the end of XNUMX. All of these tracks are remasters of old tracks, and the DLC can be purchased directly or accessed online. him via Nintendo Switch Online. Expansion Pack.

Other versions of Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a franchise exclusive to Nintendo consoles, but there are two exceptions to this rule: one mobile game och en arcade game . Finally, we must highlight the Mario Kart Live game for Switch, which allows you to play with an förstärkt verklighet system .

mario kart tour

Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer

It arrived in September XNUMX for iOS and Android. Following the same strategy as Mario Run och Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp , the game is designed to interact vertically , although it would later gain liggande mode after an uppdatering .

The mechanics of this title are adapted to be a gratis att spela lek , although it retains most of the elements of traditional games. The first hours of play in Mario Kart Tour are fantastic, but things get a bit uphill as you progress, and the only way to advance is to go through its mikro -payment system and loot-boxes.

Arcade versions

Mario Kart Arcade DX

Eftersom 2005, Nintendo and Namco have collaborated to bring the plumber’s car game to arkader . There have been three such titles in total:

  • Mario Kart Arcade GP (2005)
  • Mario Kart Arcade GP XNUMX (2007)
  • Mario Kart Arcade GP DX ( 2013)

All of these games are entirely programmed by Namco . They have characters and items that go beyond the Mushroom Kingdom and have different game modes. The XNUMX game allows two players to race in a single car , replicating the style of Mario Kart: Double Dash . If you find one of these machines, do not hesitate for a second to play a game. The feeling is a bit strange, because it has its differences from console games. However, the experience is really interesting.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit – Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Released at the end of XNUMX, this curious title turns your house into a racing circuit. It works with a real kart that is equipped with sensors, cameras and an förstärkt verklighet card system . With them, we will design our circuit through the rooms of our house, putting the obstacles that we want. You can limit yourself to putting chairs or give freedom to your imagination. If you have a cat, it will surely knock you out of the race like Bowser. And if you’re more of a doggie, surely your circuit doesn’t need a pipe with a Piranha Plant.