Kan du köpa renoverade iPhones på K-Tuin? Här är vad du behöver veta

When you’re looking for a discounted iPhone eller andra Apple products, K-Tuin is a great place to start. K-Tuin, the largest official Apple Premium Reseller in Spain, provides a comprehensive range of Apple products with the brand’s official warranty and technical support. By the way, does K-Tuin sell pre-owned iPhones?

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What K-Tuin Offers

The Apple products showcased on the K-Tuin website include the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max to the third-generation iPhone SE. They have a wide range of Apple products, including MacBooks, iPads, iMacs, AirPods, and a full assortment of accessories. The products are covered by a three-year warranty, and you can buy them with flexible payment plans.

Refurbished iPhones at K-Tuin?

Notably, K-Tuin does not offer refurbished iPhones. – Refurbished iPhones are not a part of K-Tuin’s sales repertoire, as confirmed by their website. The Apple products at K-Tuin are all fresh and come with a comprehensive guarantee, ensuring you get the full experience.

Portable device alternatives to Refurbished iPhones

Explore various options to save money other than buying a refurbished iPhone.

Amazon’s Refurbished Section

Amazon sells refurbished iPhones at a lower cost compared to new models. After a thorough examination, these phones have been reviewed, but it’s crucial to recognize that they are not Apple-certified. Therefore, the warranty and technical service may not meet Apple’s strict criteria. Specifically, the refurbished iPhone 12 Pro is a bargain find at around €400.

Example Deal:

iPhone 12 Pro Refurbished on Amazon: ¢605 (the original price was ¢733. 7)

Apple’s Official Refurbished Program

Apple’s official refurbished program is a good choice for those who value security and warranty. Despite the higher costs, these devices are Apple-certified. In opposition to new devices from K-Tuin, these refurbished iPhones are protected by a one-year warranty.


Although K-Tuin does not stock refurbished iPhones, it’s still a great spot for purchasing new Apple devices with extensive warranties. It is advisable to consider Amazon and Apple’s official refurbished program as viable alternatives for refurbished devices. Pick the option that is most effective and affordable to experience the advantages of Apple’s ecosystem.