AI-driven fotoredigering: Upptäck Adobe Lightrooms senaste verktyg

Over the past era, photo editing has come a long way specifically due to the enhancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Contrary to this, the present day AI-based technologies have made major changes where photographers are able to edit and enhance their images with ease, color correction, erasing objects that are unnecessary and even creating new images from the data provided.

At the helm of this change is Adobe Lightroom, an efficient and flexible software that has recently integrated smart AI tools, which has tremendously boosted photo editing on various devices, including the iPhones.

ai fotoredigering

New AI features in Adobe Lightroom

Adobe has been introducing new AI updated features in Lightroom on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, webb, Android, and PC recently. These are innovations that are meant to simplify that work of a photo editor with the aim of enhancing the efficiency of the job.

AI features in the Lightroom software

Generative Remove

Overview: This is one of the most effective tools in Lightroom I have seen, maybe the best. It is based on Adobe Firefly AI to let user remove objects from thepicture in a click so that it will not affect the original photo.

Functionality: Generative Remove intelligently finds the area to remove and generates a new area pixel by pixel meaning the improved results will always look natural.

Impact: This tool actually simplifies the work of editing whereby even a nonprofessional person can be able to produce quality work that has been professionally edited.


Overview: Lens Blur is another tool based on the artificial intelligence that let the users generate beautiful attractive blurs on the selected picture in a single click.

Functionality: This feature aids in achieving a defocusing effect, the depth and focal planes of the picture, having more aesthetic value.

Impact: It enables photographers to enhance the look of the picture to look like they were professionally edited and this can be done even without any professional proficiency in enhancing the photos.

Ytterligare förbättringar

Alongside the new AI features, Lightroom has introduced several other significant improvements:Alongside the new AI features, Lightroom has introduced several other significant improvements:

Expanderad Kamera Support: New camera support, improved connectivity specifically for the new cammers, Sony Alpha 7 IV and Alpha PC 7R V, letting photographers access the pictures in Lightroom Classic in real time. This simplifies the editing processes and enriches the interactions within the teams.

HDR Optimization: This feature enables one to edit then export pictures with much higher brightness than before, deeper blacks than usual, and even more, saturated colors than one would usually get. This HDR optimization has already been used in millions of images and it shows.

Improved Mobile Editing Experience: The new update makes the toolbar actually simple and focuses on the most often used functions making the mobile editing really speedy and effortless. This improvement means that editing is as good while on the move, as it is on PCs.

The future of photo editing with Lightroom

These are incredible updates as Adobe Lightroom is among the best photo editing software that uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance the application to be one of the simplest, yet smart tools. As of now, there is no iOS 18 från Apple, so Lightroom is still your best bet to bring in the complex photo editing technology on your Apple device.