The Surge of Popularity of VPN in Canada Explained

According to the latest survey, 30% of internet users are using VPN. Few months from now, this data will continue to rise as more people require total internet security. The continuous development and non-stop threat against cybercrimes, hacks, and third-party surveillance paves the way for more and more internet users to be aware of these malicious acts and find ways to protect their privacy and secure sensitive data.

Canada offers high-speed connectivity and offers one of the fastest internet connectivity in the world. With the need for speed comes security and Canadians are aware of the potential risk of browsing without adequate protection. More people are using VPN not just to unblock regional-restricted streaming services like Netflix but to ensure their privacy is kept safe against prying eyes and hackers.

Canada VPN

Why Is Using VPN On The Surge?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is transitioning to a basic internet necessity when it comes to added security. Gone are the days when VPN was used to bypass geo-restricted sites and enjoy your favourite shows across the globe. Now VPN is used to secure your privacy, mask your identity, and hide all your digital footprints.

With global pandemic, more Canadians, and people around the world require internet freedom and security accessing sites related to work and businesses. There are vpn services for Canadians that allows them to bypass censorship and restrictions. The main reason behind using a virtual private network is how it will enable you to access programs and computers from your home.

VPN can unblock various media and streaming sites; more people are using these software and its benefits. Aside from that, growing incidents of digital censorship related to public privacy invasion continues to unfold, and VPN is your best security ally.

Several reasons why most people are using VPN is to protect their digital privacy and security against mass surveillance, third-party access, widespread cybercrimes, hackers, and malware. However, the common fear makes everyone rely on the safety and protection that VPN solutions offer.

  • Strict laws and regulations against piracy and copyright infringement have left more people to use VPN to access, download, or share various files.
  • Using a VPN can add security and protection from mass surveillance, mostly if you are residing in one of the five eyes or fourteen eyes country.
  • Regional-restricted websites and streaming services are bypassed when using VPN solutions.
  • VPN is popular to combat cyber threats and crimes that affect thousands of people.
  • Virtual Private Network allows its users to have control and security over private information and data that can be a massive threat to personal and future stability.

Cybersecurity is a crucial aspect of your digital privacy nowadays. Every website that you visit tracks your online activities. Whether Google analytics or website cookies, your privacy is available to everyone who wants to exploit this information.

With tons of cybersecurity breaches worldwide, people turn to popular and highly-efficient ways to ensure that their data and privacy is secured regardless of what they do online—that is what VPN providers offer.

Is VPN Illegal In Canada?

Using VPN solutions, the legality of use varies on which country you are residing and what activities you’re doing. The Canadian government allows its citizens to use VPN. However, it’s illegal to conduct online piracy and get involved in shady cybercrimes or activities and one reason why some countries are not allowing the use of a VPN with the features associated with it. Law offenders are fine or may face imprisonment based on the degree of violation they have committed.

Even with the tons of benefits, you can get when using a VPN solution, at some point is still an illegal act in some countries. Some of its benefits include bypassing geo-restricted sites and streaming services, secured digital connectivity even on free/public Wi-Fi, protection against hackers, threats, malware, and government surveillance.


With the widespread popularity and the benefits associated with VPN solutions, no wonder more and more people are turning to use this software to add security and protect privacy. Whether you are living in Canada, with the growing threats online, you would want to ensure peace of mind guaranteeing that you are protected from potential hacks, surveillance, risk, and can watch your favorite content across the globe.