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  • What is Smart Stock Countdown?

Smart Stock Countdown is a small but effective widget that helps increase your conversion rate and sales. It motivates your store visitors to make quick purchase decisions by telling them your product is selling fast and the stock is running out.

  • What is Performance?

The performance section is a place where you can see how well the Smart Stock Countdown performs in improving the conversion rate of your online store.

  • What is Starting stock number and ending stock number?

The starting stock number is a number the visitor will see in the first place before the countdown starts. The starting stock can be a fixed number in which case all product pages will have the same starting stock. We highly recommend using a random starting stock number in a range you can specify.

The ending stock number is a number the visitor will see when the countdown ends.

  • What is Starting progress percentage?

The starting progress percentage defines the length of the progress bar compared with the full length.

  • What is the A/B Test?

In this section you can define how much traffic goes through the original pages or the pages with our Smart Stock Countdown widget. Then you will be able to compare the performance of the two different designs in the Performance section.

  • Why am I not seeing it after activating it?

You possibly have the A/B test on and you are in the half who could not see the widget. In order to preview it in your online store, you can temporarily turn off the A/B test and turn on it afterwards.

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