This Portable Device Always Tells You the Quality of the Air Around You

Portable Device Always Tells You the Quality of the Air

Today there are many devices capable of detecting toxins in the environment. However, any device that can do this is capable of detecting only a few of these substances. However, a new sensor has been created that is much more comprehensive and capable of detecting up to 100 toxins at a time.

There are many companies and companies that are responsible for producing devices to help ensure safety in people’s lives. There is a possibility that many toxic substances are released into the air that can be very harmful to health.

A very useful and portable device

The Airotect company has been commissioned to create this product. It is a company that is affiliated with Oklahoma State University, in the United States.

The device is called XCel + and has more or less the same dimensions as a credit card. It can be easily hooked to the user’s clothing so that it can be worn without problems.

The idea is that in the future this same device will be designed the same, but with a smaller shape so that it can be put in a pocket or in a patch that is sewn on clothing.

Inside, the XCel + contains three tubes exposed to air that are filled with a material called OSU-6. Thanks to a type of electrical attraction, this material is responsible for attracting molecules of volatile organic compounds in the air.

A device that guarantees our safety

To check what class of volatile organic compound molecules the device has captured (and in what concentrations), the device is taken to a laboratory and subjected to very high temperatures to release the molecules for further analysis. So far, tests have revealed that more than 100 compounds have been detected.

At present this apparatus is being tested in different facilities such as fields where agricultural crops are planted, manufacturing plants and military operations. It should not take long to commercialize and be available for both commercial use and the public. Its price will be about $ 75.

It is a very useful device since these toxins are invisible to us and can be harmful to health. There are many dangers that we do not know about . Therefore, thanks to the use of this product, many of these toxic substances could be captured.

Therefore, do not hesitate to buy this product to walk down the street with the assurance that you are passing through a place free of harmful elements for the body.