PaperPlane Smart Launch

Launch Your PC Like an iPad. Create a MAC OS Launchpad for your Windows.

PaperPlane Smart Launch is a free launcher program (shortcut manager) which enables you to launch your desktop like an iPad.

Runs on Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32-bit/64-bit)

About Paperplane Smart Launch

PaperPlane Smart Launch is a free launcher program (shortcut manager) which enables you to launch your desktop like an iPad. If you are familiar with Mac OS Launchpad, you could say that it’s a better Launchpad just for your Windows. It enables you to quickly access your most used apps, open a recent file, visit a website URL, play your favorite game, or open any shortcut etc, in one place.

Upon installation PaperPlane Smart Launch will scan and list your installed apps by frequency of use and this sequence will change depending on how often you open these apps. Or if you want to organize the apps, files, URLs, games yourself, simply disable this feature and drag the icons to the position you want.
PaperPlane Smart Launch gives you an entirely different desktop feeling with its cool interface, quick access, and unique customization, so that you can leave your old desktop behind.

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Key features:

  • Gives you a new desktop similar to Mac OS Launchpad
  • Launch your most accessed apps, files, URLs, games, and more
  • Organize your apps, files, URLs, games, and folders into multiple groups
  • Organize your apps, files, URLs, games, folders in multiple desktops
  • Simple activation by double-click, hotkey, hot mouse key, or hot window corner
  • Search bar to quickly locate your apps, files, URLs, and games
  • Drag-and-drop, and right-click menu to add shortcuts
  • Automatic backup and restore

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Reviews from editors:

As a conclusion, you can turn to PaperPlane Smart Launch if you need to customize your workspace with an alternate launcher. It integrates a smooth design, features straightforward controls and supports adding custom content, such as web addresses or various files from your computer. More so, it provides you with multiple customization options.
PaperPlane Smart Launch is an intuitive application that gives you a Windows desktop that resembles the Mac OS Launchpad. It offers lots of customization options that allow you to arrange your desktop exactly as you want. FreewareFiles

This smart launch works on your Windows desktop to turn it into a beautiful iPad-like screen. This tool is 100% free. With this free launcher program, you can easily access your most used apps, games, files, websites, and more. iGeeksBlog

If the idea of a full screen app launcher appealed to you, PaperPlane is a free app launcher for Windows that mimics the launcher on the iPad. The great thing about the app is how easy it is to launch it. It doesn’t interfere with any normal desktop functions and you can add files, folders, apps, and web links to it.addictivetips
The best way to integrate iOS into Windows. This program provides us with a new theme based on the iPad’s appearance. But apart from aesthetic point of view, it also offers us faster access to applications, improved organization and total customization.Malavida
Thanks to PaperPlane, you get all the quick app access and extraordinary organizational abilities of Windows, all while combining them with the ease of use you can see in any iPad.PortalProgramas
It neatly arranges your application and document icons in a full screen, multi-page grid. SnapFiles
If you are a fan on iPad’s interface and want to try out on the Windows 10 tablet, then this is a decent choice.TECHNIQUED
PaperPlane is a good application that makes it easy to access all your applications and other shortcuts by putting them front and center.MakeTechEasier
If you like the look of an iPad or simply want a nice clean and efficient launchpad for your Windows machine then this is the ticket…PaperPlane Smart Launch provides a super-simple way to change up the overall feel of your desktop, for free without that “fruity” priceMajorGeeks


  1. Very good software!
    to anyone with the Hot Corner Screen not being saved, go to your documents folder then the paperplane folder
    and open the Settings.ini file with notepad, and edit the HotScreenCorner= to 1 (top left) or the corner of your choice (0,1,2,3)

  2. OMG ,This Program is Awesome. Better then any Dock Application Like RocketDock RK Launcher, ObjectDock and ext. Plus Lite, Only Use 4 or 5 mb in minimal Performance Setting, Still this Program Run very Smooth. About Customization, There are So Many options to Make this Launcher Best. There is so Many Option to Access Quickly this Program, no Matter Where you are, Use Mouse, KeyBoard or Drag your Cursor to Screen Edges. I am Really Very Very ThankFul The Developer Team for This Great Program. Thank You and Sorry for my Poor English.

  3. Great Piece of Software. Is it normal that if i start a Programm with the launcher the launcher keeps open (active). It just not hide after clicking the Programm Icon that i want to start. So i have to use the activation key to hide. A possibility to insert seperators and free arrange would be really nice.

  4. Hi. I love your app. It is awesometacular. I have a few suggestions I hope you will implement.

    1) Every short cut on a page has to be next to another one. It would be great to be able to place the short cuts anywhere on the page. For instance, I would like to have 4 short cuts on the first line, 3 short cuts, 2 blanks, and 3 short cuts on the second line, etc. It would help to visually locate items much faster.

    2) An option to display ( on the left or right of a page ) the things that are on the right hand side of the windows 7 start menu (Documents, Pictures, Downloads, etc. ).

    3) Have an option to replace the Windows start menu with your app. You could still allow access to the original Windows start menu by Ctrl-Clicking the Start orb or pressing the Windows Key + Ctrl. It would also be nice to be able to replace the start orb with a custom icon or text that says “System Menu” or something else.

    4) If you want to see an application that has several great ideas for you, take a look at “Start Menu X”. Your app’s aesthetics are way beyond Start Menu X, but they do have several great features you could implement.

  5. We are interested in possibly adding some customization to your software. Is that possible. Please contact me to discuss the options. Thank you.

  6. I have primarily used macs for over 25 years and I use windows. I have just started using a new windows 10 machine and want to reproduce the Mac Launchpad on it.

    I generally research new apps before install for safety but have not found much on any substance on your app. How can you reassure me it is safe to add to a windows 10 workstation? i.e. not interfere with the general running of the machine. if it is free because it is in development that is fine but free can also bring spyware.

    The idea is great as lots of people work cross platform. Every platform has their advantages and failings, apps like this that allow a user to customize how they interact with a computer are a good thing.

  7. A great app, thanx for creating it! A question: is there a way to start PP minimized, so that it’s not immediately activated?

  8. I’ve just downloaded and installed this on to a Windows 8.1 desktop. The icon is in the icons area. But I just cannot get it to display at all.

  9. What’s the catch?
    How long before it turns to PAY FOR?
    Lastly, I would rather have something that I can manually change the Icons something Microsoft goes to great lengths to stop you in their Windows 10 Launcher.

  10. I have three screens full on my Win 7 64bit. I love the way teasing the LL corner brings up the screen. I wish teasing left and/or right changes screens. I wish teasing the Lower Right screen would close/escape as well.


  11. Wow, this is a great idea because so many of us would LOVE to have a newFinal Cut Pro and other programs that work much better in Mac devices. Great Mac-style interface, especially those of us who work with

  12. I just downloaded the program & love the look of it. However, I am having several issues with it. Some programs will not launch, I cannot edit icons, right clicking on desktop does nothing, clicking on the corners does nothing. I do hope you can help me as I would love to keep this program.

  13. When I add a shortcut from the windows menu (shortcut itself – windows 10), Paperlane displays a blank icon in place of the officiel program’s icon.

  14. Hi,
    Thanks for the program.
    I finally could leave the launcher I used, which is not followed anymore by its developer.
    I have found so far (under Win 8.1) that the selected option for “Hot Corner Screen” is not retained after rebooting the PC (always comes back on “Mouse on Screen Bottom-Left Corn”).
    Best regards.

      • Clarification after various tests: this only happens when opting for the top left corner!
        (I choose the top left corner because I often directs the mouse at the bottom left corner to start programs and at right the Charm Bar appears .)

        • Hi,
          After a trial period, I still see that I sometimes must make a second double click on the desktop (once on two nonetheless) to open Paperplane (Win 8.1.).
          Great soft anyway. Thanks.

  15. First : Amazing program.. Best launcher I’ve seen yet, and with the multiple options for icons it’s the best game launcher option I’ve seen.

    Only suggestion I would have is the option for having different backgrounds depending on the active page, besides that I wouldn’t change a thing.

  16. Hi,
    thanks for the great app. I really like the feel of it.
    I’m a fan of portable apps so I would like to ask you if it’s possible that you could implement some way (environment variable or cmd switch) for the user to specify apps’ settings location.

    • It seems we cannot do that right now. Instead why don’t you use the bottom-left hotcorner. Just move your cursor to the left bottom of your screen to launch PaperPlane instantly.

  17. Hola, esta bien la idea.
    La probé y tiene algunas fallas al poner folders o carpetas, también con los accesos; el gran problema es que cuando falla no se puede usar el botón izquierdo del mouse en nada y se tiene que cerrar sesión para poder volver a usar el sistema operativo.
    Además, ya existía una aplicación así desde hace tiempo con varias características; se llama … de x…t. com y también es gratis y muy funcional.
    Sigan echándole ganas a su proyecto.

  18. Hey, I’ve been using my new interface and it’s great. I love having the same choices I have on an iPad, and it’s really helped me streamline and organize my computer the way I like it.

    This is really innovative, and such a great alternative if you’re not in the position to buy a whole new computer just because you miss your Mac!


  19. Willy and I are always fighting over the computer. I have a PC because I love it and I’m used to it. But he likes the Mac format for some reason, and this program is giving us peace of mind! So far, we are really happy with it.

  20. This program downloaded seamlessly to my computer and I’m excited about taking it for a test drive. Thanks so much for this great idea! It will make things much easer for me, as I’m really more comfortable using a Mac.

  21. Wow, this is a great idea because so many of us would LOVE to have a new Mac-style interface, especially those of us who work with Final Cut Pro and other programs that work much better in Mac devices. Great!


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