PaperPlane Smart Launch Howto

Activate PaperPlane

Activate PaperPlane Smart Launch

There are many ways to activate PaperPlane Smart Launch.

  • The simplest way should be double click on anywhere empty on the Windows desktop.
  • You can use hotkey, by default, “F12” to activate it.
  • The way I like is to simply point the cursor to the left-bottom corner to activate it.
  • Of course you can customize these settings in the activation tab.

Add a Shortcut to PaperPlane

Add a shortcut

PaperPlane allows to add shortcut to any app, file, folder or web URL.

  • You can use the drag and drop (window mode) to add shortcuts;
  • You can use the right click menu to add shortcuts
  • If you enabled “Send to PaperPlane” right click menu in the settigns, you can right click on the item and use “Send to PaperPlane” to quickly create a shortcut to the item

Delete a Shortcut from PaperPlane

Delete a shortcut

Deleting a shortcut is easy in PaperPlane, you can

  • Right click on the icon and select “Delete” on the right click menu;
  • Hold left click on the icon until it starts to wiggle, click on the X button on the upper left to delete it

Edit a Shortcut in PaperPlane

Edit a shortcut

To edit a shortcut you can simply right click on the shortcut, go to "Shortcut Setting", then you will be provided with options to customize the icon, edit the shortcut path or URL, the display name, and arguments.

Group Shortcuts in a Folder

Group shortcuts in a folder

To group shortcuts of a similar type in a folder, simply drag and drop one shortcut on to another. A folder will be created automatically with the option to name it. You can add as many shortcuts as you want into this folder.

Add a New Desktop in PaperPlane

Group shortcuts in a new desktop

If you want to group shortcuts in different desktops/pages, simply drag the shortcut to the right edge of the current desktop, then a new desktop/page will be created. Of course you can use the right click menu to add a new desktop/page.


  1. This is a great application. My only problem with it is you can use tab buttons or arrow keys to navigate the menu. For this reason i have to keep looking.

  2. Can you advise how to arrange icons by my choice. I see that when i move an icon to a particular area, it returns back to original location.

  3. installed a few days ago and loving it so far. one big issue is that it doesn’t actually load with windows startup even though it is supposed to. i have to manually open it every time i start windows for it to work. running windows 10 anniversary edition

  4. Hello itigic, i really am in love for your app, but im having just a little small issue and would like to point here if you could fixit on the newer versions, make a option for resizing the search bar, i think its too small, make a option for position too (i wouldn’t use it), maybe someone would like having options to positioning the bar on bottom or horizontal slide. Thanks!

  5. I like this quite a lot – it’s much nicer than the windows start screen.

    But I have one problem – is there a way to delete a page?

    I created several pages and then gradually moved all the shortcuts into the first (leftmost) page.

    But now I find the pages to the right cannot be deleted. Is there a way to do it?

  6. I have dual monitors. Is it possible for PaperPlane to appear on a specific monitor?

    Or do you think I’d need another piece of software to achieve this?


  7. I like the concept but the app is a little unstable at the moment I have had two crashed in 10 mins. I will check back again at a later date.

    Also, any chance of an option for titled horizontal separators within a page to allow grouping without using folders?

  8. Cool! But not all programs are automatically added. When manually drag shortcuts, some programs did not work. When you drag the .exe file all works.

  9. I am unable to do the simplest things – not even change the shortcut icon. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate.

    • Hi, to change the icon, simply right click on the icon and go to shortcut settings. Then click on the icon and select your preferred pic.

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