Hoe u het volume van uw AirPods kunt verhogen: een eenvoudige handleiding

If you have realized that, your AirPods are not as loud as they used to be, then you are not alone. Quite a lot of people face it and common methods such as turning the AirPods off and on again or pairing them again with your device do not address the problem. Here is a method that actually works in raising the volume effectively.

AirPods appelmuziek

Why This Method Works

It also has scenarios where it is not a problem with the AirPods but the iPhone settings themselves that are causing the problem. Making alteration to these effects however can boost the volume to a great extent.

7 ways you can use to raise the volume of your AirPods

Clean Your AirPods:

Make sure that the AirPods are clean before you tweak the settings. The blockage of the dirt and ear wax retards the sound output and hence the volume. do not clean them with water or any kind of liquid but you can easily wipe these with a clean piece of cloth or you can also use a small brush which is used for cleaning electronics.

Adjust Volume Settings on iPhone:Adjust Volume Settings on iPhone:

Open Settings: To do this, follow the steps on your iPhone: At least on iOS 10 go to the Settings app on your iPhone.

Find the Music App: Still, scroll down and tab on the Music app.

Disable Volume Limit: Turn off what’s stated as either “Volume Limit” or “Volume Adjustment” in your iPhone. This setting can limit the maximum volume your headphones can go up to thus, you might want to turn it off in order to increase the volume.

Test the Changes:

Turn on the Music app and play a tune and the experience the change. You should observe that the sound is loude and with more intensify. This change can be done while listening to music and one will immediately realize the change and possibly the improvement.

Waarom dit werkt

The tuning of “Volume Adjustment” in the Music app contains an option to guard your ears against the highest levels of potential volume. Turning it off takes this limit and your AirPods can now go as loud as they can get. This setting modifies the entire output of sound through your headphones; thus, if you choose to turn it off, you are likely to notice a significant improvement.


The steps highlighted above can be used on different kinds of AirPods; the first generation and the third generation. While there is no public feedback pertaining to AirPods Pro on this detail, the aforesaid setting is located inside the Music app, and it occupies the variable for all headphones associated with an iPhone, therefore, it should function in a similar way across both sorts.

Extra tips

Firmware Update: The firmware on your AirPods should be updated. Presence of old and out-dated firmware can also lead to system slow down sometimes.

Adjust EQ Settings: In the settings of Music app, you can also manage the EQ settings so as to improve the sound quality and the loudness.


For this, you don’t have to buy anything new – simply make this change and you can recover, and maybe even upgrade, the volume of your AirPods. The following should assist in extending the life of your AirPods so that you are able to listen to your music at the right volume for as long as possible. If you have any other tips or tricks which you have seem to work for you, please leave a comment below.