Een iPhone-oplaadpoort repareren: 3 veelvoorkomende problemen en oplossingen

If you have had to arrange your iPhone or shake the cord a bit to make it charge, then this issue might be affecting you as well. This is rather annoying not only because of the time it takes to charge the device but also for the health of the device. Here are three ordinary causes for this issue and how you can fix them ubiquitously for all the iPhone models.

iPhone opladen

1. Faulty Charging Cable

Issue: More often than not, it is the charging cable at fault. The properties of cables can deteriorate over time hence poor or irregular connection.


Replace the Cable: One, it is recommended to use a better quality cable or a new cable. This is especially good for the cables where, sometimes, the bub-off brand cables could be even better than the original ones because of thickness or design that is very slightly different and fit a little tighter.

Test with Different Cables: Try other cables with your iPhone to see if there are some that are more effective. If you have a new cable that clears the problem, then you have your culprit.

2. Damaged Charging Port

Issue: The charging port, although not as likely as other areas, can become damaged by water, force, or dropping the phone while the cable is connected. This can either snap or bow the contact pins inside the port.


Professional Repair: If you risk a possible damage of the charging port, it is recommended that one take their iPhone to a service center. Replacing the charging port may also be somewhat challenging because it requires the user to take apart the device. Such a repair is likely to cost a European user roughly €60.

3. Capital and its Embellishment XV: Dirt and Debris in the Port

Issue: The main problem that was reported is a buildup of dust and various particles on the charging port area. Such things as lint, dust, and other particles can hinder the proper connectivity of the cable hence wasting the connection, leading to the loose connection.


Clean the Port: Insert a pin, tooth pick or similar kind of thin sharp edged tool and then try to remove the debris stuck in the port. Do not press very hard but applying moderate pressure to then remove any debris. As you start cleaning, you might not find much debris at first and so you should persevere as the debris might be deep rooted.

Stapsgewijze reinigingsgids:

Turn Off Your iPhone: In this regard, it is advised that devices should be turned off for safety purposes before cleaning is done.

Use a Light Source: Flash the region with a portable light if you can do so to get a look at the debris remaining in the port.

Gently Insert the Tool: Insert a pin or toothpick gently into the port and applying gentle pressure moves it against the openings to get rid of lint or dirt.

Blow Out Residual Dust: After scraping, spray the small dust and debris off with compressed air that can be gotten from a wasted can.

Test the Connection: Just connect your cable and try to have a better reception/answer.


Thus, it is possible to resolve these problems and return charging in iPhone by following the guidelines above. No matter if the problem relates to a cable, grimy port, or damaged charging domain, it’s sometimes challenging to detect or solve the problem. It will hopefully not be the second since it entails professional services to rectify it and is more expensive. Using the first two solutions, you can have your iPhone charging in a brand new manner in no time.