Motorola Moto G6 Battery Problems: How to Fix it

Among the problems that we can find in our mobiles, the battery always occupies a stellar place. It is one of the most sensitive elements of the mobile and that depend both on the management of the software and on our own hands and customs of use. Today we wanted to take a close look at the Moto G6 and the problems that some users have with the battery.

It is true that both the operating system and the processor influence the management of milliamps. In addition, other elements, such as installed applications, may limit their duration to a greater or lesser extent. Ultimately there is the user and his “hobbies” of use, which in many occasions can make the battery last less than desired. Some mobiles are more or less sensitive to these aspects. These problems have an easy solution, just like the problems of loading the Moto G6.

Moto G6

Problems with the battery and solutions

In the case of the Motorola Moto G6, many users have reported problems related to battery life. Recall that the device has 3,000 mAh and fast charging of 15W, so the day of autonomy should be assured.

Calibrate the battery

The first solution that is giving good results to Moto G6 users is to perform a battery calibration, which fixes the problem of rapid discharge of the device. To do we will have to press the power button until the mobile is restarted. When you turn it on again, we must charge it with the original charger up to 100% of its capacity. Then we will leave you connected for at least an additional hour.

Mobile network on hold

Another cause that includes the rapid wear of the battery is when the message “The mobile network in standby mode” appears. This means that the network of our operator takes to recognize the signal coverage that is in the place where we are not, therefore consumes battery. The recommendation is to test if the same happens with another SIM card or with another mobile phone provider to see if that is the problem and avoid excessive battery consumption.

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Change charger

We take for granted that our charger goes like silk even if it is new, but it can be the cause of the problem. In this case we must try to charge the Moto G6 with both another adapter and another USB cable, making combinations we can rule out that the problem is the charger. In addition, the ideal is to test in a different outlet, in case the fault could come from a plug that is not offering adequate performance.

Update the device

The Moto G6 went on sale in 2018 and did it with Android 8 Oreo. Luckily, Motorola has updated the terminal to Android 9 Pie , which has intelligent battery management and extends its capabilities and duration. Many users have solved their problems after updating, so it is advisable to verify that we do not have any operating system update or patch available for download.

Moto G6 Android Pie

Factory reset

If everything fails, and as a last step before going to the technical service, we can try to restore the Moto G6 to factory settings. We can do it from Settings / System / Backup / Reset . This can cause any mismatch of the system or app not detected that is entering into conflict with the hardware of our mobile disappear and make all functions as before.

Motorola’s advice

Also, Motorola recommends a series of checks and adjustments to users who have problems with the battery of their Moto G6:

  • Disable whenever they are not used, the Wi-Fi network, the mobile data plan, the GPS or the Bluetooth
  • Turn off your smartphone at least once a week
  • Uninstall antivirus, memory optimizers or file cleaners and check if the problem has been fixed.