How to know at what time you consume more electricity to save the most

One of the best ways you have to save month by month on your bill is to know what hours you consume the most electricity to be able to take this into account based on the prices of the same or depending on the price of each kWh.

It is important that we are clear about what time we consume the most electricity if we want to save as much as possible and below we will explain how you can find out.

know at what time you consume more electricity

What to keep in mind

To find out, we need to use the application or the website of our distributor. But something must be clear to us: the distributor is not the company you have hired and we must know how to differentiate between a marketer and a distributor. The marketer is the company that sends your receipts month by month, where you consult the company’s invoices and the one that acts as an intermediary. But the distributor is, as its name indicates, the one that distributes and we don’t choose it, but rather it is automatically assigned to us depending on where you live.

The main distributors are : E-Redes Distribución Eléctrica (EDP Group), E-Distribución (Endesa Group), I-DE of Iberdrola, UFD Naturgy (Naturgy Group) and Viesgo of Grupo Repsol. And it is these websites or applications that we must use to consult consumption. We will have to know what ours is by looking at it on the electricity bill, where we will see this information.


Once we have it, we can go on to check the consumption…

Check consumption per hour

It depends on the distributor you have, you will have to access the corresponding application or website, but the steps are very similar in each of them and there is no complication. First, we register if we do not have an account before and we will need a full name and ID, username and password that will be used to access the client area. And the CUPS code or unified supply point code that corresponds to you.

Once inside, the steps are simple and we will explain it to you with screenshots. In our case, we use the private UFD area of the Naturgy Group. We access and see all the details of the supply point and four sections: consumption, maximum power demanded, meter and certificates. Four sections in which you can click.


So, once inside, we have to go to the “My consumption” tab. And here we will see all the details that we need: the kWh consumed during each day, week, month or the period that you want to see exactly. You will be able to see each of the days with the average consumption, the minimum consumption, the maximum consumption… And what interests us: the exact consumption per hour of each day, of each week. You will be able to see how much you have consumed in the rush hour period, in the flat period or in the valley period and you will be able to see what you should change to start paying less.

Also, if we want to have the data to track, we can also . We can export the graph data to have it available offline or to add it to household or organization accounts, print it or keep track of it by comparing it over time. It is easy and we can consult it whenever we want once you have registered.