Is there a way to record calls on your Xiaomi mobile with MIUI?

The customization layers of the different manufacturers hide all kinds of functions inside, and Xiaomi‘s MIUI is one of the ones that hides the most secrets. That is why it is popularly known among users, although they miss a basic function that consists of recording phone calls.

Surely on more than one occasion you have needed this option when dealing with work or school issues, since it is of great help to remember information of interest when proceeding with your work. Hence, it is a tool that a large part of the community wants and for this reason it is necessary to point out how to use it on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile.

record calls on your Xiaomi mobile with MIUI

MIUI tried

It is necessary to point out in advance that the possibility of recording calls in MIUI has been relegated to ostracism for a while. The reason for this decision is quite simple, since European privacy laws are strict in this regard and do not allow recordings to be made without the permission of the recipient.

Grabar llamadas MIUI

This scenario is completely uncontrollable and for this reason Google and Xiaomi had to refuse this function, since in principle it would be integrated into the call app of the American company. This implies that it is not only a matter of Xiaomi software, but that almost no customization layer boasts this option.

Record calls possible

However, this ceased to be a utopia with the arrival of MIUI 11 and Android 9 , where an alternative was introduced for it without having to download any application from third-party developers. Mainly, because the one in charge of recording the calls is an app that is installed from the factory on your Xiaomi. If by any chance you deleted it to gain storage, we leave it below so you can get it again.

Once you have the program on your smartphone, it is advisable to go to the settings to check the mechanics you prefer for it. To open the settings you have to launch the application and click on the gear at the top. Then, tap on “Call Recording” and choose between the two options depending on whether you want to start recording when you decide or automatically . Likewise, you can indicate the telephone numbers that will never be used by this tool.

The procedure for this is quite simple, since the interface of this app is practically identical to the one that the vast majority of users use on a daily basis. To record a conversation with MIUI, you just have to pick up the call and click on the “Record” button that appears in the second options bar. If you have previously marked “Automatically record calls”, it will not be necessary to touch this button unless you want to stop or resume the file.

Grabar llamadas MIUI

That said, to consult the recordings you have to access the folder called “call_rec” , since that is where each and every one of them is stored. Locating it can be an odyssey and we are going to explain how to find it easily:

  1. Open the File Manager of your Xiaomi.
  2. Swipe until you find the MIUI folder.
  3. Inside it look for the “sound_recorder” subfolder.
  4. Next, tap on “call_rec” to view all the recorded calls.
  5. If you want you can use the search engine to find the folder in a much more direct way.

Of course, we anticipate that recording a conversation without consent is totally illegal and can lead to a fine along with up to four years in prison.