Is It Possible to Spy on Someone Else’s WhatsApp?

While WhatsApp is a simple, powerful and really useful application, for many it has also become a source of serious control problems, misunderstandings and, in particular, sentimental breakdowns. With the arrival of the controversial “double blue check” , many friendships were broken based on the rule “you have read my message but you don't answer it”. But none of this is comparable to the increase in distrust between couples and marriages with the arrival of the messaging app. And the number of infidelities and illegal relationships has increased exponentially after the arrival of the application.

Spy Whatsapp
Spy Whatsapp

With all this, it is not difficult to understand how today one of Google's biggest searches is “How to spy WhatsApp”. Many jealous or distrustful couples suffer daily when they see that their loved one spends the day sending messages with the mobile phone hiding it when they are nearby. Jealousy is a green-eyed monster that is hard to dominate and, if suspected, better get out of doubt. But ... Can one really spy on someone through WhatsApp? Let's discover the truth about this myth, and about the dozens of apps on Google Play that promise to be your spies.

To the point: Is it possible to spy WhatsApp without having physical access to the person's phone?

It is likely that many of you are disappointed to read this, but it is not possible to spy WhatsApp easily. In fact, unless you have the mobile of the person you want to hack in your hands, you can hardly access their messages.

The reasons why it is so difficult to hack WhatsApp are simple: it is a crime against the privacy of the person and, unless they agree to share their messages, they can be punished by law with serious fines and even imprisonment. It is for the same reason that the app is updated very often to solve security holes and at the same time, blocks and deletes the WhatsApp account of any person suspected of harassment.

Is it possible to spy on WhatsApp Web?

One of the most popular methods to spy on a third-party WhatsApp account is using WhatsApp Web . To do this you would have to open WhatsApp from the mobile of the person to spy on, scan the QR code that appears from the page and a session of the WhatsApp from another PC would be opened from your PC.

WhatsApp PC
WhatsApp PC

This method works to some extent. Think that to use it you will need the phone of the person to spy, completely unlocked and on top with WhatsApp open. For this reason alone, it is incongruous to have to use this method to spy on a conversation when one could read it directly on the mobile.

In addition to all this, you should keep in mind that WhatsApp is aware that someone can use this method to gossip where they shouldn't. That is why every time you start a session on the official WhatsApp Web website to spy on conversations, you will send a message to the smartphone owner alerting you of it.

Be wary of miraculous methods, social networks and YouTube videos

Surely if you have been researching how to spy WhatsApp on your Android phone or your iPhone, you will have found hundreds of methods that promise that you can finally read your partner's secret messages. These ensure you can enter the WhatsApp account you want without touching your mobile in question. Sounds good ... right? Unfortunately, as in most of these cases, when something seems very good, it begins to suspect.

Under these lines we will tell you the most widespread false methods to spy WhatsApp:

  • Hack WhatsApp with the MAC address of the destination phone-This method popularized through YouTube ensures that you will be able to access the WhatsApp messages of the person you want through your MAC address . To do this you would have to get your partner's or friend's cell phone, register the MAC address of the destination phone and impersonate their identity with yours. This "trick" does not work and the only thing you will get is to destroy a beautiful friendship or relationship when discovered with your hands in the dough.
  • Enter the phone number of the person to spy on doubtful pages -There are malicious pages that ensure that you can download all the WhatsApp conversations of a person just by entering their phone number. All of them are fake and the only thing you will get with them is to introduce malware on your computer or on the mobile of the person you want to spy on. Do not use any of them as they are dangerous.
  • Use the iCloud account of the person you want to spy on -Another completely false and widespread method ensures that if the person you want to spy on has an iPhone, you can see their messages through their iCloud account. To do this you would need to know the person's iCloud account and password and then withdraw their backups through iTunes. The method does not work and, again, involves breaking the law when accessing an account that does not belong to you.

We repeat: All the methods that ensure you access WhatsApp messages without the person's mobile phone are FALSE and the only thing you will get by following them is getting into a good mess.

And what about spyware applications ... do they work?

If you have taken a look at the Google Play Store you will have found an authentic avalanche of applications for your Android phone that promise to hack and spy WhatsApp for free in a simple and effortless way. If you click on each of them you will see that they have thousands of downloads and maybe encouraged by it, you decide to download it to your mobile. We strongly recommend that you don't fall for it because these applications simply don't work.

Most spy apps such as WhatsApp Agent, WhatsApp Sniffer, Wossip or the popular WhatsApp Spy are fraudulent apps that not only do not comply with what was promised, but can also put the security of your mobile in check.

All of them work in the same way: you install them, enter your email address and personal data and then choose the contact to spy on. After that, the app will request that you make a payment and during the “message recovery” process an error will be generated, so you will have paid for nothing. Some of them even request a monthly subscription before they can be used, although in no case will they offer the messages you want to read so much. In short: They are a scam.

While there are lawful applications that allow WhatsApp sharing, they will always be professional use (for example for large companies that need to control their employees' conversations or parental control applications). To be able to use their services obviously you will need access to all these mobile phones to "spy" and the consent of the users to share their data. No free app will allow you to do this.

What are the consequences of using third-party applications to hack WhatsApp?

Installing third-party applications to spy WhatsApp on our device can literally be very expensive. And is that fall victim to a spiral of jealousy or just get carried away by the obsession of knowing the private conversations of a person never lead to success. These are the main consequences that these apps can have on your mobile.

You open the door to malware, viruses and Trojans

First, the immediate consequence that you will suffer when using third-party applications to spy on WhatsApp is to jeopardize your mobile and your data. Keep in mind that operating systems such as Android are quite vulnerable to malware and Trojans. If you don't have a good antivirus installed, you can get into a good mess.


If you have already installed a third-party app or suspect that your mobile phone may be infected, use some antivirus software to clean your mobile phone. If you don't have any, we especially recommend the Android version of Avast, this one is free, fast and very effective.

You endanger your mobile and your data

Do you remember the spectacular WhatsApp Gold scam ? Some malicious applications use as attractive features as a claim, such as being able to spy WhatsApp without touching the person's mobile. Many of these apps ask for permission to access your entire mobile phone, so they can not only install malware on your device, but also have access to your photos, applications, personal data and even a bank account.

Other applications of this type opt, as we have already mentioned in the previous point, to offer you subscriptions to services that do not exist or perform microtransactions to steal the maximum money before you realize that you have been the victim of a fraud. Do not trust them as none will allow you to access the WhatsApp conversations you want.

They can suspend or delete your WhatsApp account

Finally, you should bear in mind that WhatsApp has a privacy policy and a terms and conditions very strict. In recent years the app has put the batteries when it comes to protecting the data of its users and making sure that their conversations are safe at all times.

Installing third-party applications for WhatsApp, either to spy or to add new tools and features, can lead to your account being closed or suspended. If you only suspend your account, you may be able to use it again after a while, even if it closes, say goodbye to using WhatsApp again from your mobile phone.