iPhone for Life: Apple Registers Trademark in Hong Kong

We are used to companies like Apple filing dozens of patents every week. Whether with prototypes of future products or trade names, it is a way to preserve your rights in the future. The last case is found with “iPhone for Life”, a new trademark registered by the company. Will it have to do with the iPhone 12? We analyze it.

They report from various Asian media that Apple applied for the registration of the trademark “iPhone for Life” on September 4. However, it did not do so in the United States, the usual place where these patents first appear, but rather in Hong Kong. It is unknown, at least for the moment, if the company will register this mark in other territories.

iPhone for Life

New iPhone rental service?

We have a precedent dating back several years when a US provider used the “iPhone for Live” brand to offer rentals of these devices to its customers. Of course, this provider could not interfere in this new brand because at that time it had a closed agreement with Apple for its service. What this new patent suggests is that it could now be Apple who offers something similar to its customers.


The fact that the registration was in a specific territory makes us doubt whether it will reach the whole world or will it only be in Hong Kong. In any case, we have been hearing rumors for several years that Apple could offer services of this type to its customers, in such a way that by paying a monthly or annual fee you can have the latest iPhone on the market. To date, no more information has been known about it, but this record makes us think about it again.

IPhone 12 slogan?

Except for a major surprise, next Tuesday the Californian company will officially present its new iPhone. Regardless of the launch date of the iPhone, we can intuit that that day will be the starting gun for the marketing campaign of these devices. TV spots, videos on the Internet and billboards abroad will be the main recipients of advertising for the new Apple phones.

invitación evento Apple octubre 2020

“Hi, Speed”, which means “Hello, speed” in Spanish, is the slogan with which Apple has dressed its next event. This is probably in reference to the powerful A14 Bionic chip in the iPhone 12 and its well-known 5G connectivity. However, it is not expected that the company will recycle this slogan for its subsequent campaign, so “iPhone for Life” could be a phrase used by the company and hence the record. Although to tell the truth, this does not seem to say much about phones, beyond that it can be interpreted as a long-lasting phone.

We will remain pending on this case and will probably soon know what exactly this new patent means. In any case, it could remain as a simple anecdote, since as we said at the beginning there are many patents that are registered and this does not always mean that the company is going to launch a product or use the registered name.