Tips and Tricks to Improve the Sound of Your Smart TV

We have thousands of movies available in streaming services such as Netflix or HBO with all kinds of special effects that allow us to enjoy good cinema without leaving home. In addition, television screens are getting better and better quality but we don’t always manage to imitate the sound of a professional movie theater. To improve it, we see what you can do to improve the sound of your Smart TV and fully enjoy any feature from your sofa.

The new televisions arrive equipped with huge screens that allow you the best image quality and have a small cinema in your living room. In addition, they have functions to connect to the Internet directly from the TV and watch any content, so the experience is practically unbeatable. But the latest generation televisions are useful, modern and extra flat and this current design means that the speakers do not have the space they deserve or need to sound decently.

It does not mean that flat screens are a bad option or that televisions are now worse than before. No, of course not. But the integrated speakers have less space in the finest and most modern designs and we will not be able to enjoy the sound with the same quality that we are enjoying spectacular images. But there are solutions to match audio and video and enjoy the experience.

mejorar sonido de Smart TV

Configure the audio

You can configure the sound of your Smart TV manually to adapt and optimize it according to your preferences or according to the type of sound you are listening to. You will not do miracles but you will get slight improvements that you will notice in some movies and productions. You can modify it as you are listening to music watching a movie, etc. In general, it will be enough for you to use the control of your television and access the settings to find the different options. It will depend on the model and brand in question but you may find some modes already configured as “standard”, “optimized” or “amplify” and you will also find the manual configuration option in which you can change or modify the different parameters:

  • Balance
  • Equalizer
  • Audio input format
  • Audio output format
  • Audio delay (mismatches between what you see and hear)
  • Sound response

Beyond reviewing the above options, some televisions offer you to modify or activate the “dialogue enhancement” function . What this technology allows is that it will be easier for us to understand what they are saying on TV at all times, whether they are presenters of a contest or actors and actresses of a series.

Another function that you can activate is dynamic comprehension or automatic volume. What we do, in this case, is that television makes all sounds more or less similar in terms of volume. Surely it has happened to you that some sounds or moments are heard too low and others sound too loud. This is a recommended option to watch TV at night: there will be no unexpected shocks nor will you have to modify it manually.


External speakers and sound bars

The best thing you can do, beyond configuring the audio of your Smart TV as a first step, is to bet on external speakers . Speakers or headphones that allow you to provide greater and better sound to television. There are many options available depending on what you want to spend, what you have at home or the use you want to give to television. For example, it will not be the same to watch only one movie (you can use headphones) as to watch it with your family. Nor is it the same as having an unlimited budget (buy the best sound bar) to not want to spend anything (use the speakers of your computer or any other you have at home)

Sound bars

Without a doubt, sound bars are the best solution to improve the audio of your Smart TV. One of the main advantages is that they do not require a complex installation, do not take up too much, just connect them to the TV through a cable and you will have several speakers placed strategically to improve the audio. In addition, the sound bars have speakers of all kinds for different frequencies (high, medium, low) and each with a correct orientation, so you will forget to manually place the speakers one by one in the room to Get a completely surround sound.

When buying a soundbar you should look at aspects such as size (fundamental that suits the space we have), the speakers it has, the power and sound quality, connectivity, design or price. You can buy a good sound bar for about 200 or 300 euros and you will have a completely enveloping and high quality sound for movies, series … Without a doubt, the best option if you are looking to improve the sound of your Smart TV and are willing to invest in it .

mejorar el sonido de tu smart tv con barras de sonido


If you are looking to improve the sound of your Smart TV and only use it you, without anyone else, you can bet on headphones. For example, if you have television in your room and you usually watch it from the bed … If you have or are going to buy quality headphones that you use or are going to use for another area (to play on the computer, for example) you can use them with your Smart TV and you will notice a big difference and an improvement in sound. In addition, you can also bet on wireless headphones if you want even more comfort and less limitations than if we have to depend on the length of the cable although the sound quality of Bluetooth headphones is usually lower.


External speakers

If you intend to improve the sound of the Smart TV but it is not among your plans to spend money, you can try it with some external speakers that you have at home. For example, you can search for the speakers you use on your computer . If they are of a good quality, you will get the series and movies to be heard better while enjoying a higher quality screen. Of course, keep in mind the quality of the speakers you already have because it makes no sense that you worsen the sound that the TV offers you if you use a mediocre wireless speaker.

altavoces dolby atmos

Your Stereo

You can use the speakers of a great stereo if you want to “recycle” and not buy anything else . Use the auxiliary input of the stereo to send the sound of the television to it. As in the previous cases, you will notice that you can improve the sound of the Smart TV if the stereo is of quality.

Errors with external speakers

We usually use external audio sources to improve the sound of the Smart TV but we don’t always do it well. Or we don’t do it as well as we should. There are some small mistakes that we usually make by placing the speakers …

  • Do not place them in the corners. Placing each speaker in a corner will make the sound bounce, you will have an excess of bass and it will not be as pleasant as you intend.
  • Do not stick them to the wall . Do not place your speakers very close to the wall because you can get annoying low frequencies. Spread them about 50 centimeters from the wall and so you can have better quality and improve the sound of the Smart TV.
  • Attention to the front speakers : If you have mounted a surround device instead of betting on sound bars, your three front speakers should be in the same plane so that the audio quality is as high as possible. In addition, the center speaker should be placed just in front of the sofa or armchair from which you will watch TV.
  • Be careful with the surface . The height is as important as the surface: if you place them on metal or glass, the speakers will vibrate and it will be annoying.
  • Do not put anything on them. It seems obvious but it is not: do not place decorative objects on the speakers as they may vibrate.