If you have a Samsung mobile, you can forget about computer passwords

If you have a Samsung mobile, you can forget about computer passwords

Samsung Pass is Samsung’s biometric authentication tool that allows users to sign in to password-protected apps and websites using their fingerprints, facial recognition, or iris recognition. On paper, it is one of the best security suites that we can use on Android.

If we can define this Samsung tool in any way, it is how comfortable, since, thanks to it, users can quickly access their accounts without having to manually enter their usernames and passwords, which makes the authentication process be safer and faster.

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Of course, to use Samsung Pass, your Samsung device must have a fingerprint reader or an iris/face recognition camera.

Samsung Pass on Windows

Recently, the Korean firm’s password manager has been available to download and use on computers running Microsoft‘s operating system. Of course, you will not be able to use it with anyone, since it will only be compatible with PCs that have the latest versions of the software, that is, with Windows 11 and Windows 10.

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The application that you can download from the Microsoft store now supports iris authentication and uses the fingerprint sensor of our manufacturer’s phones so that it is not necessary to manually enter the passwords of the websites that we access from the computer, making that it is not necessary to remember all the keys that we use in the different pages that we access recurrently. It is enough to have the phone next to you and use this application to log in to any website and access our account with a simple touch.

To be able to use this new way of identifying ourselves with the Samsung mobile phone in any service that we access with our computer, we must first enable it on the smartphone. That is, you must open the app and access the phone’s settings to allow recognition of the two options for the tool to work correctly, that is, face or iris recognition and fingerprint.

Then, all you have to do is sync the login information used on your branded mobile device or tablet and use it on your PC. As simple as that.

As we say, the only bad news we have in this regard is that it is an application that allows us to avoid the tedious moment in which we forget a password and cannot access a certain web page without having to go through the situation of having to generate a password. new password because we have forgotten the current one; but only on Windows 11 and Windows 10 . The brand has not stated if it is expected that previous versions of this operating system can also use Samsung Pass , but we are very afraid that, given the age of this software, it will never come true, so you can only use it in the versions latest from Microsoft system.