If I have a problem with Bizum, who can I contact?

Bizum was born as an alternative to possible dangers and problems posed by payment methods over the Internet. Bizum is a simple system to use , and that a priori is totally safe as well as comfortable, since it allows us to carry out money transactions almost effortlessly.

Since its creation in 2016 as a star project of Spanish banking, in just three years it has managed to have 6 million users. There are also alternatives to Bizum, but its use has spread like wildfire, being one of the most widely used money transfer methods among Spaniards. This has led to bad practices by some users, becoming the perfect method and the news of countless phishing attacks.

If I have a problem with Bizum, who can I contact

Common problems with Bizum

Some of the most common mistakes that we can make if we are about to send money with Bizum is that we can get confused in the amount to be transferred, that the phone number to which we send the money is wrong (this usually happens a lot in Internet purchases) , since we make the mistake of not including the number to which we want to send the money in our agenda and this fact can lead us to error.

To the most common mistakes made by users, we have to add the growing number of scams that use Bizum as the ideal channel to scam the most vulnerable people, or not, because in reality they are scams that any of us can fall into .

problemas con bizum

What should I do if I have a problem?

Consulting the networks a little, we can draw the conclusion that many Bizum users complain about the few or no solutions that the platform provides to solve all the eventualities mentioned above.

If you want to contact Bizum directly, you can do so through these channels:

Official Web

On the official Bizum website you can consult the frequently asked questions section (the solution to your problems can be found there) or use the help chat enabled for this purpose.

Throught social media

Consulting the company’s social networks and the opinion of other users about the most common problems that may arise using Bizum can become the answer to your problems, since you can find users who are experiencing the same and find the right solution. Another option would be to send a direct message via Twitter or Facebook and wait for Bizum to reply to you.

Web form

If you decide to contact Bizum through its web form, you must write your problem in a clear and concise manner and wait a few days for a response.

Through your bank

One of the most effective alternatives if you have a problem with Bizum is to report the problem directly to your bank. Your entity and manager will try to give you a solution, but if it is a scam or a mistake made when sending money through Bizum, the bank will not be able to do anything for you.

acudir a tu banco si tienes un problema con Bizum

If you have to send money through Bizum and you see that the system gives you an error on several occasions, it is usually not a problem for your bank, but rather that Bizum has crashed. It is not that it is a fact that happens regularly, but it can be the case. It is best to consult the Internet, since when this happens, users quickly eat the topic on the main social networks.