How a VPN Helps to Unblock Access to a Website or Service

On many occasions we can find blocks when opening a web page. We try to access but it tells us that it is not available for our country or geographic region. It is a restriction that is present in many streaming services, for example. How can a VPN help us enter these pages? We are going to talk about it.

A VPN can prevent website blocking

The fact that we are blocked from accessing a certain website or Internet service is directly linked to our IP address. That site detects our origin or even if our device is blocked or not.

Unblock Access to a Website

Why can we be blocked when entering a web page? The normal thing is that it is a geographical restriction . For example, if we want to enter a service that is only available for a certain country, such as many online televisions or video platforms.

But it could also happen that our IP is blocked . It could be due to a misuse that we have had of that service or platform. The server blocks access from a certain computer, something that can be permanent or for a time.

Even that problem we mentioned may be due to misuse by someone else, in case of having a shared IP address. We would have problems entering the page and it would appear to us that we are blocked.

All of this that we mentioned can be easily fixed thanks to the use of a VPN . What it basically does is hide our real IP address and also allow to change the location. Thus, when entering a site restricted by IP, we will appear with a different one.

Unblock Access to a Website

Hide the IP to enter a restricted site

Let’s take as an example that we want to enter a page to see a British television channel. When accessing and trying to see it, a message appears indicating that we do not have access to that service because we are in another country.

If we use a VPN we can change our location to simulate that we are in the United Kingdom. We achieve this by connecting through a server located in that country. In this way, facing the pages we enter we will appear as if we were in another nation.

Likewise, with the use of a VPN we can hide our real IP address . This gives us an extra privacy and avoids the problem in case we have been sanctioned with blocking for not being able to enter a certain website.

Keep in mind the importance of having a good VPN. It is not enough to choose just anyone. We have a wide range of possibilities at our disposal. However, not all of them will work the same, not all of them will protect us on the network and simulate the location correctly. Therefore, we must choose very well which one to use. Among the best we can highlight Surfshark VPN , PureVPN , HMA VPN , NordVPN or Cyberghost .

We leave you another article where we explain why companies need a VPN .