How to record calls on Samsung mobiles

Samsung mobiles have their own customization layer, known as One UI , among its options we have several designed in design and other options that seek to make our day to day easier. It also has tools to record calls without having to download anything to the system.

It doesn’t matter if we have One UI, One UI 2.0 or another more advanced version, there are also no differences between entry-level, mid-range or high-end phones. They all share the same system and this makes the method of recording calls on Samsung mobiles identical for everyone.

How to record calls on Samsung mobiles

With OneUI

When making a recording of a call with a Samsung Galaxy , the best method is the one that comes with the system as standard and we will show you. These audio captures will be saved in the storage of your mobile device without you having to do anything about it. So, after you discover how this action can be performed, you will be surprised with how simple and fast the process is. If you have a mobile from the Korean firm and you want to learn how to generate these security files in your conversations, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Access the Phone application on your terminal.
  • Tap on the menu of the three points that is in the upper right corner of the panel.
  • Go to the Settings section.
  • Look for the Record calls option, which is located under the spam protection feature.

Once we have followed these steps we can start saving the audio of our conversations . Well, that will be all we have to do to activate this useful option that comes by default on Korean brand mobiles. As you have seen, it is a really fast method to achieve. However, there are certain things that we must take into account when you want to record them.

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set it right

Also, when we activate this functionality, a recording interface will appear in which we can start it or configure it automatically. This function offers us three different recording modes from which we can choose each time we want to have the audio record of a conversation that we have on our Samsung terminal:

  • Automatically record all calls.
  • Those that come from unsaved numbers.
  • Record the audio of specific numbers.

Because it does not work?

In case you do not see this option when opening this mobile app, make sure that you are accessing the phone application that comes with the mobile and confirm that you want to use this function by default. In the event that you have done all this and, even so, the option to record calls does not appear, it could be because Samsung has not enabled this functionality in your country for legal reasons or it is simply not enabled on your mobile by the brand itself. It may even vary depending on the version of the customization layer you have.

If you are in this situation, the only thing you can do is investigate if recording them is legal in your country, or speak directly with a Samsung representative, although later we will explain if it is legal or not in Spain. However, there are different alternatives that will help us record calls with a phone from the South Korean firm.

However, if in your case it does not work for you, you will always have a very simple alternative that everyone has at hand. It is basically based on using another external device for recording . A simple method to not occupy space on your mobile continuously. Clarifying examples are the microphone of a computer or simply another smartphone. Of course, the audio quality could drop significantly, since speaker mode would have to be enabled. But if we do not have an alternative, this can be a guaranteed solution in such situations.

With specialized applications

In the event that your Samsung smartphone does not support the One UI layer recording tool , whatever the reason, the only alternative will be to download an application to capture the audio of this type of communication on your Android smartphone. Of course, you should know that the automatic recordings of individual communications with these tools are not going to be at the level of the previous option on many occasions and you will need some specific steps. Although, for the most part, all these softwares will meet all the expectations we had.

With the Call Recorder app

Among the possibilities with the most reputation among users is one whose name is as simple as its operation. Call Recorder has over 400,000 user reviews and most of them are generally positive. So it is quite clear that it fulfills perfectly what it promises, recording the audio of the conversations we have from the phone with One UI. Therefore, here we leave you the link so that you can download it directly from the Google app store.

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Developer: lovekara

Simplicity is the main feature of this instrument, but the best of all are its secondary functions that allow you to organize the call logs under different parameters such as: list, time, names, dates… In this way, you can easily locate the conversation you are having. wish. Another interesting function included in this third-party program is the option to save the calls in MP3 format to insert them into your MicroSD card so they don’t take up space on the device’s internal storage. All this without paying a single penny.

Try the ACR app

One of the best known and easiest to use options is the ACR Call Recording application, which has an easier installation process than others. Its operation is also very intuitive, since we only have to give permissions and once we are called, if we need to use its application, it will start capturing the audio automatically.

From the menu we can enable it and turn it off as we please when we need it to decide when we want everything we speak to be stored and when not. From its main panel we will be able to see the recordings that we have made, delete them or even share them in different digital media. It will even let us share the audio files so that we can send them whenever we want or also to save them in the memory of the mobile.

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Download Cube ACR

After carrying out several tests, we have been able to verify that the Cube ACR application is a good option and therefore the good ratings received on Google Play, although in the installation we will have to give too many permissions. As a positive aspect, we find its option to record the audio of calls on the phone , WhatsApp and other applications such as Slack or Telegram without being complex to use.

From its menu we can enable or disable its use and every time we receive or make a call, we will have a button on the side to record it and activate it automatically, always with this contact. From the app we can reproduce it and share it or save it in another location without being complex.

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With Truecaller

This application is very popular because it allows us to avoid spam and annoying contacts, but it also helps us achieve this purpose in our phone calls with Samsung mobiles. It works like a charm with all versions and is easily integrated into the system to give us access to contacts, choose when and how we want the recording tool to act.

We can choose to record all the ones we receive, those of a specific contact or decide it at each moment when we answer a contact. Later, in the app itself, we will find the secret store with all the conversations that we have had. Of course, in this case we will need to set this application as the default Phone app on the smartphone. Otherwise, we will not be able to access the function of recording the call from the Samsung smartphone.

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Is it legal to record calls?

After explaining the steps that we must follow to be able to record these on any Samsung phone , we want to make it clear that this is not totally legal. Although it can be used in a trial if necessary. In our country, the law makes it very clear that as long as the person who is recording the conversation is part of the interaction, it is valid.

However, in the event that we are recording a conversation in which we do not participate, we would be committing a crime. But as long as we capture a call that we have made or received , we will not have any type of problem if the destination of the call is not malicious. Above all, if there are threats to our integrity, whether for work reasons or any other reason.

On the other hand, broadcasting conversations or recordings can become a crime if the use we give them is not duly justified. In addition, the recordings of others are always considered illegal because they violate the Fundamental Right to secrecy of communications, as we can read in article 18.3 of the Spanish Constitution. For all this we must be careful with the use we make of the recordings since they could end up becoming a problem.

In addition, it is necessary to point out the validity of this kind of evidence in the form of a telephone conversation in a trial . These must meet a series of requirements that you would be interested in consulting with your lawyer to obtain more precise details. In any case, you should know that even complying with all of them does not imply that the judge accepts the call as evidence, so do not think that you can easily get away with having a recorded call.

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