How to Download Instagram Videos to Your Mobile

Instagram has become by right and its own merits in this year's social network. Its growth is counted by millions, hence the questions around it do not stop arising.

One of the most common is how to download videos and images from Instagram, something common in other networks. As it is a bit more complex here, we teach you the tricks to carry out this process.

Download Instagram Video
Download Instagram Video

On iOS

We will start with the Apple operating system. As you may know, iOS is a much more rigid Operating System than Android, hence many of the usual applications are covered in the Apple Store. However, if the tool in question meets all standards, there will be no problem.

This is the case of IG Save - Save Your IG Videos. This is one of the most valued apps in the Apple store since it is available, since it works with amazing ease. Just download it from the bazaar, install it on the iPhone on duty and log in with the main Instagram account.

As soon as it opens, IG Save will show all the photos and videos uploaded by the people you follow, with all posts in chronological order so as not to lose any detail. If you access one of them, the first button makes it clear: "Save in the gallery."

The app also has other options such as reposting the photo on your own profile and even editing the message in case of making this “repost”.

On Android

In the Google operating system there are not many mysteries. In fact, in the Google Play Store we can find dozens of applications that perform the task of downloading images and videos from Instagram. For us, one of the best and most recommended is Saver Reposter for Instagram.

Download it from the bazaar and install it on your mobile phone. When you do, it will ask you to log in with your Instagram account. Run this step without fear and see that you can switch between Instagram and Saver Reposter for Instagram with a simple step. When you enter the app in question, the rest is as simple as clicking " Save image " (if you want me to go to the gallery) or " Repost " (if you want it to appear on your personal profile).

We already anticipated that the process was simple ... and we believe that we have kept our word. Now all you have to do is take advantage of it.