How to download any Instagram photo in maximum quality

We use Instagram every day to see photos, videos, reels… But if you want to download the photos from the Instagram gallery we can do it both yours and those of others. In the next paragraphs we explain how to download any Instagram photo in maximum quality whether you want to have profile photos or uploaded posts.

We can do it whether we want to save our photos or those of other users, we simply have to follow a few simple steps or use specialized tools.

download any Instagram photo in maximum quality

Save your own photos: Configure the app

If what you want is to save your own uploaded photos, your stories or photos in the feed, we can configure the application from our profile so that it automatically makes a copy without us having to worry about doing it.

Copies of images in the gallery

We can configure Instagram to make a copy of our stories or the photos uploaded in the mobile phone gallery, which allows us to always have a copy of the photos that we upload to Instagram without the need to take a screenshot. We can do it from the stories settings and from the Instagram settings.

To make a copy of published photos and videos, the steps are:

  • open instagram
  • Go to the three lines in the upper right corner of the app
  • Open the Instagram settings section
  • Look for the “Account” section
  • Scroll until you find the section “Original publications”

Once here, we can activate three switches:

  • Save original posts (automatically save raw photos and videos you take with the Instagram feed camera)
  • Save posted photos
  • Save posted videos

Cuenta Publicaciones originales

In the case of Instagram stories, we can also configure them to save themselves when we upload them. We go to the stories section and tap on the gear icon to access the stories settings . We scroll until we find “Saved” where we can activate two switches: “Save history in the gallery” (Save your history automatically in the phone gallery) and “Save history in the file” that will allow us to automatically save the history in the file that only you can see, without the need to save it on the mobile phone.

Guardar historias Instagram

Download Instagram data

If we want to download all our Instagram data we can do it as long as it is in our own account. We can do it from the app or from the web by accessing the settings of the social network and in our profile. To do this, the steps are:

  • We open the application on the mobile phone
  • We touch on the three lines in the upper right corner
  • We open the “Your activity” section (not the configuration one)
  • Here we will see the time spent on Instagram, interactions, etc.
  • Look for “Download your information” at the bottom of this menu

Once here we will have to fill in our email. As you can see in the screenshot below, Instagram explains that it will send an email with a link to a photo archive, comments, profile information and other data. Fill in the email in which you want to receive it and click on “request download”. They will send you the data in an approximate period of up to 48 hours and you will be able to have all the content in your email.

Actividad en instagram

take a screenshot

One of the best options to save Instagram photos or Instagram stories is to take a screenshot. It’s fast, we don’t depend on any web page, application or extension… And we can do it in any profile we follow or even profiles that we don’t follow but that are public. Both through the computer and through the mobile phone, although the way of capturing will vary depending on the brand of the smartphone or the device that we use for it…

In case of doing it from the computer, we simply have to go to the website in the browser and search for the user that interests us. All the photos uploaded to your profile will appear and we can right-click on them and choose “open in a new tab” which will allow us to open the publication in full page. We will see the photo and the accompanying text, as you see in the screenshot below.


We can take a screenshot with the computer and then cut the image. Or simply take a screenshot from the mobile phone and later cut it in case it is a publication, for example, to get the final square result.

In the case of Instagram stories, it is also the best and fastest option if they are photos and not videos. Just open them from your mobile phone and take a screenshot (which will change depending on the brand and model and you may have to press the volume button and the power button or the volume button and the home button, for example) Also, if you keep pressing the screen during the story you can take the screenshot without the username or the lower bar of the screen appearing where we send a message or like.

instagram stories

Websites to download Instagram photos

All the websites that we are going to show below work more or less in the same way and are very easy to use. To download any Instagram profile photo of some of our friends, followers or users of the social network, the first thing we are going to have to do is go to the site in question from the browser. Depending on the website we choose, we can download the person’s Instagram profile photo or we can download all the content they have in the gallery, photos or even Instagram stories.


It is the best website to download photos from Instagram and it also allows us to see the stories of a specific profile without them knowing that we have seen them. We can secretly see the content of any profile that is public without having to log in to our account on Instagram and even without having an account. We simply have to go to the Picuki main page search engine and enter the user that we want to find in the app.

All the profiles found with the name you have searched for will appear and you will have to choose the one that interests you … Once inside we can see the posts and stories. Choose the one you want, be it a photo or video or be it an Instagram story. And we can see it, read it completely… In the case of posts on the profile, we can go to the bottom of the text and tap on “ Download ” to download the image to our computer or mobile phone.


From the main Picuki page, when we have searched for the profile, the different thumbnails with the uploaded stories will also appear . You can tap on them and at the top we will find a download icon next to the “x” to exit the story.



Although less intuitive and less comfortable than the previous one, InstaDP is also an option. InstaDP gives us several options to download Instagram photos. We can download the profile photos of an account or user but it also has more tools available to download the content… For example, we can download stories or reels or videos uploaded to that person’s profile in addition to the photos they have in the gallery. From the main page we will find the five available options and we touch on the one that interests us.

InstaDP is somewhat more inconvenient than Picuki since it has much more and more annoying advertising and the website may take a little longer to load than normal but it fulfills its function and we can get the photos of a profile that interests us, its reels or its videos.



Another of the best websites if we want to download Instagram profile photos is with a simple operation and that will allow us to have that person’s photo in full size. As in the rest, we simply have to enter the username of the person we want to search for and their profile picture will automatically appear.

When the profile photo appears in the corresponding box, we will simply have to touch the “download profile photo” button to have it in large size. Also, if it is a non-private profile, we will also be able to see the images of your story.