How to Download a Full Size Instagram Profile Photo

Have you ever wanted to download the profile picture from an Instagram account? If the answer is yes, it must have happened to you that, after downloading, it turns out to be a cut or a version of very low quality. Today we are going to explain how to download any profile photo in full size from any of your devices.

Download a Full Size Instagram Profile Photo

How to download any profile photo in full size on Instagram?

Being able to acquire the avatar photo of any account on Instagram is a tedious task. There are many services and applications that promise to provide it to you in full size and, of course, in the highest possible quality, but then it is not. For this reason we have looked for the 4 best ways that you can use to get profile pictures at the highest resolution of your friends, followers or, of course, of people that you do not follow yourself.

The only thing you need to start this process is to know your profile name , that is, the name that this user has next to the “@” symbol in your account. To make sure, enter your account from the search engine, from here I go to your wall and, if you look above it, you will see the full username.

Download the profile picture from any device using the browser

The key to be able to carry out this process from any of your devices is to use the browser and the web services that we will show you below. Some of these allow you to perform more actions than downloading the avatar photo in full size, so read carefully.

The first website that will allow you to download this photograph is Instaperfil . When entering it, you will have to put the username in the search bar that you will find at the top of the web and, after a few seconds, it will load. Once here, click on the “Download Profile Picture” option and it will redirect you to another window where you can right-click (or press and hold if you are on a mobile interface) to get that picture. That easy.

Another service that you can use is called Instadp and its use is extremely simple. Locate the search bar at the top of this page and, here, enter the username of your choice and confirm that the search begins. After a few seconds you will enter the profile of that user and you will see three options:

  • Profile : where the entire feed of this account is supposed to be loaded, but it is not.
  • Full Size : when you press it, the avatar’s photo will appear in full size. This is the one that really interests us.
  • Stories : here we can download the Instagram stories that said person has uploaded in the last 24 hours or, even, the ones that are stored as outstanding in their profile.

As you can imagine, now you just have to enter the full size option and download the photograph as we do with any other image from the browser of our device.

The last of the services, and we already anticipate that it is the most complete, is called Instafullsize . You do not need us to explain the procedure because it is exactly identical to the previous ones. But, what makes it different from these is that it allows us to download any of the elements of the account that we want. That is, from this page we can download: the full-size profile photograph, any of the publications, whether photos or videos, or the stories of the last 24 hours and the outstanding ones. A real pass.

Download a full-size Instagram profile photo with Android

That if, if you do not want to use any browser and prefer to have an application on your smartphone that does the process automatically, you can do it if you have an Android device.

This application is called Profile Photo Downloader and you can download it from the link that we leave you here:

The process is as simple as using the option from the browser. After downloading the app and entering it, first access the three points menu in the top bar and select the box to automatically save in the gallery. The process will be more comfortable if you do this process first. Then type the username in the search engine and you will be directed to the profile photo of this user. Press the download button and you will have it available in just a few seconds in your phone gallery.

These are the main ways or services that you can use to download the profile picture of any full-size Instagram account . If you have any questions about the process, do not hesitate to leave us a comment and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible.