How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3 with Snappea

If you are a regular user of the Google video platform, surely you do not need us to tell you anything about all the interesting content that you can find on that platform. So, if you want to always carry it with you and enjoy even without an internet connection, this will interest you.

Why Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

During the last years we have seen how technological advances have been improving different aspects of our day to day. To begin with, we have devices that fit in a pocket and that open up a whole universe of possibilities. On the other, Internet connections that do not limit the type of content or the time we want to consume them.

Convert YouTube Video to MP3 with Snappea

Yes, we are talking about mobile phones and unlimited data rates or with a large tour capacity. Still, there are times when we would need to go back to those solutions that years ago allowed us things like being able to store more than 1,000 songs and being able to take all our favorite music wherever we go, no matter what: MP3 .

Nowadays, the use of MP3 files seems unnecessary as streaming content services have been relegating the use of these files. And it is logical, because they offer such important advantages as not having to need a large storage capacity on our computer, audio player or mobile device. Although there are also situations in which being able to continue having an MP3 with the audio that you are interested in listening to is useful.

For example, when you travel by public transport or go out to the field, the coverage may not be the most suitable for using streaming platforms or online content such as YouTube. Either because you don’t have a connection directly or because it is slow or with jumps.

Of course, there are also other reasons that do not have to be related to connection problems. For example, why be playing a video that is going to consume more resources if all you want is to hear it being told.

Imagine a video podcast that is published on YouTube, if you canconvert YouTube videos to music and listen to them even through your smartwatch, why not do it? Well that’s what Snappea allows you to do.

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

Snappea is an easy-to-use YouTube video to MP3 converter that is completely free. All you need to do is decide if you want to use it directly from your Android mobile phone or through the browser.

Are you interested in knowing how it works? Keep reading and we’ll explain how to convert to MP3 from YouTube using your Android mobile or computer.

How to use Snappea from an Android mobile

The first step to enjoy your favorite YouTube videos in MP3 format is to download Snappea for Android . Once you have it installed on your phone, launch it and you will see that the Snappea interface will be familiar to you. It is normal, because it is practically like being inside the YouTube application.

At the top you will see a search box that will help you locate the video you want to convert to MP3 or to enter its URL. When it appears you will see that in addition to the playback options there is an icon in the interface to download the content. If you press it, the process will start and automatically, without having to do anything else, the video will be saved on your devices already converted into MP3 format.

So you just have to go to your usual player and start enjoying it wherever you go, without worrying about whether or not you have an internet connection.

How to Convert Videos to MP3 from YouTube on Computer

Despite knowing that we all have a mobile phone and that the vast majority use Android as an operating system, so you could use the mobile version of Snappea, if you want you can use the web version.

To do this, you just have to access the Snappea website. Again you will see a very familiar interface where a search bar will allow you to find the video you want to convert. So again, you just have to find the video, select it and then hit the Download button. You could also directly copy and paste the direct link to the video.

Once done, you will have the option to choose if you want it to be downloaded in MP3 or MP4 format. Select what interests you the most and enjoy the content that you could also use in your own creative or educational projects. Of course, make sure you have the permission of its creator if you are going to share it later.

Easy and fast, this is how to convert the videos you like to MP3 from YouTube

As you have seen, converting videos uploaded to YouTube to MP3 format is very simple. It only takes a few minutes and a couple of steps that are so simple that anyone can do them.

Now to enjoy and remember that you no longer have excuses to continue listening to those video podcasts that you like so much or any other content.